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Multiplicity Spell

Mana Cost : 100                Target    : self
Save      : None
Effect    : Self explanatory

Mages with this once forgotten spell can use there expertise in arcana to
create a duplicate of themselves.  The clone will look very similar to
yourself and fool others into believing you are your clone.  The clone will
be lost to his or her own existence following your commands.  Clones are
limited in that they do not have any skills or spells and will eventually
disappear as the mana fueling them runs out

Multiply Arrows Spell

Mana Cost : 30                Target    : object
Save      : None
Effect    : Creates many from one.

It can sure take a lot of arrows to fell some beasts. For these mighty tasks,
and for those times when you can't retrieve your arrows (such as when you're
running away like a sissy), it's quite helpful to be able to generate lots of
ammo quickly. For these instances, the ranger combines magic with craftmanship
to conjure copies of an already existing arrow. The magical copies won't last
forever, but they'll usually stick around long enough to get the job done.

See Also: Archery


This command allows you to generate a nickname for the target mobile or
object. To nickname a mobile you must be in control of it. Similarly to
nickname an object you must be carrying it. Nicknames cannot be undone, nor
can you customize them. The resulting nickname will be based on your natural
racial language (trolls will have harsher sounding names than elves).


        nickname <target>


        nickname wyvern
        nickname boots

Portal Spell

Mana      : 500
Target    : Moonstone
Effect    : Creates a portal from a moonstone.

This powerful spell can be used to create a portal between two locations. Each
portal requires that two locations be activated. To do so you will first need
a moonstone. To cast the spell, place the moonstone in the room, and cast
portal. Upon success a stone arch will be created from the moonstone. If this
is the first of a pair of portal arches then it will do nothing until the
second location is created. If this is the second location, then a connection
will form between the two portals enabling travel for duration dependent on
the caster's level and spell ability. It is worth noting that a connection
will fail to form if either of the endpoints are magically protected against
summoning or recall. Another point worth mentioning is that if the portal is
created in a zone that does not reset while players are in it, then the zone
will not reset while the portal exists (this prevents problems related to
treasure resets -- you don't get to walk in and out of a treasure vault every
so often to grab respawned loot).

See Also: Teleport Spell, Summon Spell, Gate Spell, Word of Recall Spell


This command will allow you to report your hitpoints, mana or moves to
yourself, targets or the entire room.


        qstat <stat> [<target>]


        qstat hitpoints
        qstat mana <?= %randPlayer() ?>
        qstat moves all

See Also: Score, Hp, Mana, Moves

Recent Communication

If you are running through the world it is quite common to miss someone
sending you a tell or communing something. Now with the handy dandy recent
command you can view a list of recent communication. Recent means the last
100 tells, communes, etc. and may not be particularly recent with respect to
time. You can optionally specify a third parameter to limit the number of
results shown.


        recent <type> [<max>]


        recent says
        recent tells
        recent gtells
        recent communes
        recent OOCs

        recent tells 5
        recent OOCs 10

See Also: Tell, Gtell, Commune, OOC


A ranger in a natural setting can use the resources of the
forest to create a replica of a desired target, a scarecrow.  
This scarecrow at a glance will fool most people, however a
closer look will show it's a fake.  The scarecrow cannot fight
battles or even move.  Any attack against it will result in it
crumbling to pieces.


    scarecrow <victim>


    scarecrow <?= %randPlayer() ?> 

Smokescreen Spell

Mana Cost : 30                Target : mobiles
Save      : Special
Effect    : Smoke in their face!

Rangers, using their knowledge of campfires and throwing, have devised a spell
whereby they can create an instant smokescreen to aid in flight from combat and
to obscure the immediate area. When this spell is cast on a target, each of the
targets opponents will need to make a save against ending combat. If they fail
then they combat will cease between the target and the opponent. If no target
is given then the target defaults to the caster.


        cast 'smokescreen' [<target>]


        cast 'smokescreen' turtle

See Also: Campfire Skill, Throw Skill

Spirit Transfer Spell

Mana Cost : 200               Target    : Multiplicity Clone
Save      : None
Effect    : Cheating Death

This extremely powerful Mage spell allows the caster to escape death
by transferring his or her conscious state of mind to a duplicate of
themselves. Upon death you will transfer to yourself, and in a sense be
reborn.  All of the caster's equipment will stay in the corpse and must be
acquired before eventually spilling out onto the ground.

Starvation Spell

Mana Cost : 45                 Target    : victim
Save      : vs. Spell for no affect
Effect    : I'm so hungry

This spell is available to necomancers, black knights, clerics and paladins.
Starvation can only be cast upon a vampire by a cleric or paladin.

Those affected by starvation will discover an endless hunger and thirst for
the duration of the spell. If the target is a vampire then they will not be
able to find satisfaction from drinking blood or eating flesh.

        cast 'starvation' <victim>
        cast 'starvation' <?= %randPlayer() ?>