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The world contains two major continents: Carnage and Cythera. Together each
contains many areas. These areas are best viewed in relation to their
respective continents. To view the list use the following help commands:

    help Carnage Areas
    help Cythera Areas
    help Ark'num Areas
    help Other Areas

Astral Transfer Spell

Mana Cost : 45                 Target    : victim and object
Save      : None
Effect    : Magical Express Mail

This is a useful spell that will allow a mage or cleric to send an object
magically to another character.  Cursed items will not be sent because a
magical force prevents it.


        cast 'astral transfer' <targetObject> <victim>


        cast 'astral transfer' flask <?= %randPlayer() ?>


This skill will allow a warrior to immediately assist his group
in a fight.  However, this skill should be used with caution
because you will assist your group no matter the target.  So,
if a group memeber accidently attacks an ally it could be
painful or deadly.



Away From Keyboard (AFK)
( afk, afw, away from window, away from workspace )

This commands allows a player to indicate that they are away from their
keyboard, window, or workspace. When enabled the player will no longer benefit
from normal regeneration. They will however continue to benefit from not so
pleasant things like poison, combat, etc. Other creatures and players may
still attack a player who has indicated they are afk, however it is usually
considered poor etiquette for another player to do so. It is also considered
poor etiquette to enable the flag just to try and escape harm from another
player. The AFK status is cleared whenever any input is received form the
player (with exception to carriage returns so keepalive timers can work).

BlobbieScript Expression: Wait

Causes the script to wait an interval of time before proceeding.  A duration of zero seconds is also a valid input to allow other scripts to finish before the current script.

Time prefixes:
    1 sec  --> 1 second
    1 hsec --> 1 half second
    1 qsec --> 1 quarter second
    1 tsec --> 1 tenth of a second

        Wait <float, integer> <sec, hsec, qsec, tsec> 


        Wait 0 sec

        Wait 1.3 sec

        Wait 1 hsec

        Wait 2 qsec

        Wait 8 tsec

Boon of the Bull Spell

Mana Cost : 45                Target    : Self
Effect    : Improves constitution and hitpoints

Boon of the Bull causes the shaman's consititution to increase considerably
in addition to a hitpoints bonus.

See Also: Boon of the Horse

Boon of the Eagle Spell

Mana Cost : 35                Target    : Self
Effect    : Improves vision and senses

With the Boon of the Eagle in effect a shaman will be able to detect
invisible creatures and sense hidden life forms.

See Also: Detect Invisibility Spell, Sense Life Spell

Boon of the Elk Spell

Mana Cost : 30                Target    : Self
Effect    : Improves dexterity and movement

With the Boon of the Elk a shaman can improve their dexterity and travel

See Also: Vigor Spell, Fly Spell, Wind Walk Spell

Boon of the Horse Spell

Mana Cost : 45                Target    : Self
Effect    : Improves strength and hitpoints

Boon of the Horse causes the shaman's strength to increase considerably in
addition to a hitpoints bonus.

See Also: Boon of the Bull, Strength Spell

Boon of the Tiger Spell

Mana Cost : 40                Target    : Self
Effect    : Improves damage inflicted

With the Boon of the Tiger the shaman can inflict more damage more often
while engaged in combat.

See Also: Boon of the Bull