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Cythera Beggars [2023-12-20 18:53:04]
Fixed the lost concentration bug in Cythera for the three beggars when casting.

Troll Temple [2023-12-03 00:29:30]
*That's right folks, the troll taskmasters grant extra experience on kill.  So get out there and save the gnomes from torture by slaying some troll taskmasters.  Just don't slay them too often to get the most
experience.  A 15 day wait time would be the ideal time to let them torture those gnomes.

New Skill: Spy [2023-12-02 16:47:52]
*Added Spy Skill for thieves, rangers, and jack of all trades.

*Also adjusted scour to be available to minor rangers now.

Great Forest (Savage Monos) [2023-12-01 19:23:12]
*Adjusted the Savage Monos once more making them worth decent experience.  The best experience gains will be players around levels 50-55.

*Raised Troll Temple mobs (Troll Priest, Taskmasters, Gnome slaves, and Troll Acolyte) to level 55-60, making it another good leveling area.  This is the area just north of Shayol Ghul, east at the intersection, up, then head west.

Boon Spells [2023-12-01 17:59:46]
Extended the duration a good bit for all the Shaman Boon spells.  Previously they only lasted around 15 minutes which was rough considering the long cast duration.  

Monos, Cassandra Pyramid [2023-11-24 20:18:42]
- Raised the level, hps slightly, and alignment of Savage Monos in the Great Forest.  This should help them be better for xp'ng.  Also finessed the turtles in the Great Forest.  Raised levels of the Stingrays, Swordfish, and Eels on the Ocean.

- Cassandra Pyramid, increased the reward item stats (but with random chances).

Gouge, Archery, Spectral Rage [2023-11-23 17:08:30]
- Added 3 teachers for "Spectral Rage" spell (near Elip, Wetlands, and Troll Temple).

- You can no longer gouge if you can't see your target.

- Archery, "You take aim at...", this echo shows up less often to observers in the rangers room to help reduce archery spam.

Equipment Attachment capability added to areas. [2023-06-21 21:10:49]
The following areas have been updated with equipment attachment capability.

Gamesmaster Mansion and Chessboard,
Elondale Hills,
Lord Titan,
Astral Planes,
Makdor Castle,
Cave of Law,
Fal Darak,
Silver Leaf,
Ombos (Sutek area),
King Cro,
Lone Mountain,
And all trades from the EQ Trader

NOTICE: Not every piece of equipment was chosen to be updated with attachment capability for each area. So have fun figuring it out ;)!

More areas to come! Keep checking this NEWS post for the most current listings!

New Spell, Spectral Rage! [2023-04-02 20:42:42]
*A new spell has been added to the game for Shamans,
Spectral Rage.

*My next two spells I create will also be for Shamans - stay tuned!

*Increased the duration of the Boon spells slightly.

*Rangers: can now use pierce OR slash as a prereq for dual wield.

*Fixed items at Sharin's and Erylan's Shops that were not working because of "Inga's Magic"
 (This was fixed previously, but never mentioned in the NEWS)

Attachment ability implemented for equipment! [2023-03-21 19:09:07]
The ability to attach items to a piece of equipment has been implemented. Only obtained equipment from the time of this post forward will be capable of attachments. Note that not every piece of equipment will have this ability. And not every attachment receiving piece of equipment will accept all available attachments. Ket, Dreamscape and the Eq Trader rewards have been updated. Other equipment from other areas will be added in the coming months.

As for right now only through Aluenyl the Bloodbane (the EQ Trader) are you able to get items that are attachable to other objects. Just ask her "attachments".