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Equipment Trader added to Arknum [2019-02-16 16:44:33]
Aluenyl likes powerful artifacts and will trade for alternative powerful artifacts.

Brought to you by Teshaghez!

Updated the display of message board listings [2019-02-16 16:41:33]
The listings will now display from oldest to newest and will maximise use of your screen to show more or less information.

If you have enable "auto width" or "auto height" then this will match the associated dimension of your client width if your client supports sending this information.


New Zones and Spells added to the game! [2018-12-18 20:42:17]
Lerges and Whispering Woods have been added into the game on the continent
of Ark'num.  They can be found by following the Scelestus river west, then
look for "Underneath a Dying Tree" south off of the Wetland's Trail.  Also,
you can now move to Ark'num via the movers in Lerges (currently not trolls,
demons, or vampires).

The following spells have been added into the game: group heal,
group invisibility, group sanctuary, morph

These spells can be trained by exploring those new zones, Lerges and
Whispering Woods

Enjoy mudders,

Mud Now Supports Auto Detection of Client Size [2018-12-16 19:26:46]
If your MUD client supports sending terminal dimensions to the MUD server then you can turn on auto detection via the following commands:

   auto width
   auto height

This probably should have been added a decade ago but I just didn't get around to fixing the code to properly perform telnet negotiation.


Celebrating 100 days of continuous uptime! [2018-09-12 00:18:23]
Wow, it's an impressive record... all those years of crashing every half hour or so, then every 12 hours or so, then once a day, on to once every few days have finally come to an end. Several months ago I fixed a tough to track heisenbug and since then we've been rock solid stable. To celebrate, for the next few days, you can receive your special celebratory gift. All you need to do is go out and kill something :)


Wiki and Forum have been updated to latest versions [2018-05-24 18:13:58]
These had been broken since I migrated to the current server.

Recently I went through the painful process of upgrading and reworking the themes to work with the new versions.


New Areas Released: The Wetlands and Furlough Mountain! [2018-04-06 22:38:10]
Mirexis has released the next chunk of Ark'num into the game. See the help files for the full details.
There's some really intricate quests in play.


Added a source code editor to website for BlobbieScripts [2018-03-11 13:43:03]
It's damn sweet... no more writing scripts like a noob on Wordpad!


New Continent Released: Ark'num [2018-03-08 13:38:55]
Mirexis has released a new continent to the MUD. So far the new continent has some really nice areas for gaining exp. There also some sweet new gear. For now the following areas have been release as part of Ark'num:

   - The Haunted Sea
   - Scelestus River
   - Underwater Caverns

More will follow as this is a large endeavour. For the full details please see the appropriate help files:

   help Ark'num
   help Ark'num Area


New area: Dreamscape [2018-02-06 21:16:24]
Looking for something new to explore? Grab 50 of your biggest buddies and head over to the Astral Plane... Track down Taumaurile and he'll hook you up with a plan. There's some sweet ass stuff there, but first you'll likely endure an ass-kicking or 10.

Compliments of Teshaghez!