Online Players

Arbosus the Black Dragon Black Dragon
Blobbie the Imploohmeantar! Gelatin
Galimatazo imp in hiding Carnivore
Kayenta Nightstar Dwarf
McCleve the Old Human
Pazam . Gnome
Squirt the refreshing alternative Elf
Tarkin the Beginner Human
Zamadhi the GrandArch Hierophant Druid Tree

Aachen the Great Troll
Aandair the Skilled Faerie
Aanx the Skilled Gnome
Aasa the Beginner Human
Abbandon the Beginner Faerie
Abbey the Striving Elf
Abednego the Lucky Human
Abektor the Beginner Elf
Abigor the Dwarf of Black Arts Dwarf
Abraxas the Beginner Demon
Absaroka the Great Troll
Abyssus the Student Demon
Acrylon the Lucky Gnome
Adod the Student Dwarf
Adriano the Great Dwarf
Adriatic the Great Gnome
Adroan the Great Human
Aecus the Crazed Forrester Reptilian
Aednat of the fire Elf
Aegean the Skilled Dwarf
Aegis the Great Orc
Aeliana the Beginner Elf
Aelli of House Aurellos Elf
Aemblir the Village Idiot Reptilian
Aenima - Chasing the tail of Dogma Gnome
Aerun the Lucky Orc
Aeslynn the Beginner Halfling
Aetava the Beginner Human
Aethyr of the Mysts Gnome
Aflarin the Survivor Human
Agramon the Great Demon
Ahmed the Beginner Orc
Aida the Amateur Halfling
AidenSek the Beginner Elf
Aidoneus the Beginner Reptilian
Aiglos the Beginner Dwarf
Ailric the Beginner Demon
Aistan the Beginner Gnome
Aix the Lucky Troll
Ajax the Great Goblin
Ajorin the Great Elf
Ajunta the Beginner Elf
Akecheta tra la la Troll
Akhand the Lucky Troll
Akira the Great Dwarf
Akirian the Beginner Troll
Akkan the Survivor Troll
Akkurott the Great Goblin
Aklugar the Great Troll
Akrasiel the Great Elf
Akurei Gnome
Akzidenz Grotesk Gnome
Al'tur the Great Elf
Alapan Panhandle Troll
Alariel the Drow Elf
Alberich - tastes like chicken Dwarf
Alcibiades the Beginner Elf
Aldar the Student Human
Alderis the Great Reptilian
Aldran the Beginner Human
Aldren the Mediocre Human
Alegood - and it is! Dwarf
Alek ... Dwarf
Alencia the Beginner Human
Alewe the Student Dwarf
Alewife the Beginner Dwarf
Alister the Amateur Faerie
Alium of Elkin Troll
Alleria the Beginner Halfling
Alowishus the Great Gnome
Alpac the Skilled Halfling
Alterac the Lucky Goblin
Althea the holy healer in training Dwarf
Althor Warrior Troll
Altier Malzion ~ Death Maji of The Abyss ~ Gnome
Altsoba is lonely. Reptilian
Altur the Hero Reptilian
Alucard the Survivor Human
Alucelestria the Beginner Elf
Alura the Beginner Halfling
Alurra the Beginner Faerie
Alvar Featherfoot Faerie
Alyxandra the Skilled Troll
Alzorn the Beginner Troll
Amadeus the Great Reptilian
Amanya the Beginner Troll
Amixu the Great Dwarf
Ammps the Layman Dwarf
Amyrg Wyrmtongue the False Goblin
Anaba the Great Faerie
Andem the Great Troll
Anden the Great Faerie
AndreB the Beginner Demon
AndreBonin the Beginner Elf
Andreminda the Beginner Faerie
Andrew the Great Elf
Androse the Student Dwarf
Angelus the Beginner Reptilian
Angost the Amateur Orc
Ankou the Dark Faerie
Annahita Soulflower Elf
Anola the Skilled Gnome
Anomander Rake Elf
Anozerbrain the Beginner Centaur
Anthrope the Striving Elf
Antolis the Great Halfling
Anubis the Grinding Troll
Apache the Great Reptilian
Apock the Student Dwarf
Apok the Survivor Dwarf
Apollyon - Troll
Apone the Beginner Dwarf
April _ katsup, ketchup? Faerie
Aquinas . Troll
Aralia the Beginner Troll
Aramis the Iron Claw Elf
Arathnagar the Beginner Demon
Arbiter . Demon
Arcanescale the Layman Reptilian
Archene the Beginner Dwarf
Ardhiel of Cythera Elf
Arealas the Beginner Elf
Arels the Beginner Demon
Arete . Troll
Arganol the Mediocre Human
Argento the Great Troll
Argon Ravenshadow Goblin
Argoth the Initiate Dwarf
Argyle the Lucky Human
Ariae of House Aurellos Elf
Aridus the Beginner Demon
Arimadios the Beginner Reptilian
Aristos the Beginner Reptilian
Arkane the Great Gnome
Arkanus the Skilled Reptilian
Arlouellen the Garden Gnome Gnome
Armadias the Great Reptilian
Armand Nightsoul Dwarf
Armitage the Beginner Gnome
Arrck is stupid Centaur
Arseface the Beginner Gnome
Artavas the Beginner Dwarf
Artax the Striving Demon
Artem the Amateur Demon
Artemis the Great Gnome
Arthas the Great Dwarf
Arthur ... King of the Britains Dwarf
Arthus the Survivor Dwarf
Artorious the Striving Reptilian
Arun the (insert clever title) Troll
Arvistan the Beginner Human
Asawa the Great Reptilian
Aschley the OBLITERATOR! Dwarf
Asdfw the Beginner Troll
Asgard the Great Gnome
Ashraf the flutterby Faerie
Ashwynn the Great Human
Asimov of the forest Centaur
Askdjf the Beginner Troll
Asmodeus the Great Troll
Asramus the Lucky Centaur
Assassino the Beginner Centaur
Astarche the Nightmare Demon
Asymun the Skilled Demon
Aszura the Skilled Troll
Atae the Great Troll
Athelios the Beginner Elf
Athena Faerie
Atlaya the Amateur Halfling
Audelthius the Survivor Human
Auger the Amateur Gnome
Auii the Great Centaur
Aurelius the Great Troll
Autilian the Beginner Demon
Auyenbo the Beginner Centaur
Avalim the Lucky Elf
Aventar Morant, the Putrid Reptilian
Avirex Avalyne Human
Avits . Elf
Avitsfoo the Beginner Goblin
Axol the Student Troll
Axse bad axse Troll
Azaroth the Great Demon
Azazel the Lucky Gnome
Azgarth the Magician Gnome
Azmitrius the Runic Gnome
Azozzil the Great Demon
Azrael ! Demon
Azuzel the Demonic Demon
Bae the Striving Human
Bagehht the Beginner Elf
Bahia the Great Human
Bailey the Fool Reptilian
Bajingo is on fire! Reptilian
Balak the Not So Great Centaur
Balcor im syrus Orc
Balin the Survivor Dwarf
BallLicker the Beginner Faerie
Balzy the Student Orc
Bamse the Survivor Faerie
Bandobras Took Halfling
Banedon the Survivor Troll
Bannon . Reptilian
Banrr the Lucky Troll
Banzir the Amateur Human
Baraka the Amateur Troll
Barbos The Fairy Lover Troll
Barlin - Son of Fundin Faerie
Barolt the Mediocre Human
Barrand the Student Dwarf
Barth the Amateur Dwarf
Basib the Beginner Troll
Bauer the Survivor Human
Baughuk the Great Orc
Bauk - Drunken Master! Dwarf
Bavi the Lucky Elf
Baxter the Great Dwarf
Bayne the Great Dwarf
Bazazath the Student Demon
Bazz the Beginner Troll
BDG the Beginner Human
Beaglebark the Beginner Gnome
Beano es chido Human
Beatrice the Amateur Elf
Beaufort the Survivor Troll
Beauron the Beginner Centaur
Bebbul the Skilled Dwarf
Bedford the Beginner Dwarf
Bedlam Shadowcarver Dwarf
Beer flows... Troll
Beicas the Beginner Dwarf
Belcral the Great Dwarf
Belgarion the Striving Human
Belina the Beginner Demon
Bellatrix the Great Faerie
Beloc the Great Orc
Belric the Striving Halfling
Beltroniiko the Student Human
Benign the Mediocre Demon
Benji - Banished Warrior Human
BenRieswig the Beginner Troll
Benton - illin Prelmnk anddra Ilael Faerie
Benub the Lucky Halfling
Beorn the Beginner Elf
Beowulf - Demon Who Makes Trophies of Men Human
Bergvid the Survivor Gnome
Bernieback Swipperswap Troll
Bertram is Ernie's best friend Human
Betsay the Great Gnome
Beyz the Beginner Troll
Bhal Bloodhook - Bringer of the Pain Troll
Bhut the Beginner Human
Biao the Beginner Human
Bier is good Troll
Biffith the Skilled Centaur
BiffithIII :[>-|-O Centaur
BigAss Hole-Troll Troll
Bigby the Skilled Human
BigDickNigz the Beginner Orc
Bigtony Golden Dwarf
Billybob the Student Human
Bink the Mediocre Gnome
Binoo the Cleric Faerie
Biotic the Great Demon
Bitybob the Layman Elf
Bizdibocul . Goblin
Bjorn the Lucky Gnome
Blackavar the Survivor Orc
Blackbutthole the Mediocre Halfling
Blackhawk the Great Reptilian
Blackheart the Great Dwarf
Blackie the Skilled Orc
Blahdablah the Mediocre Elf
Blain the Lucky Dwarf
Blake De Morte Dwarf
BlancheCarte the Amateur Centaur
Blaze the Beginner Human
Blazg the Survivor Faerie
Bleys the Beginner Human
Blif the Layman Gnome
Blinky the Beginner Orc
Blirr the Survivor Halfling
Blix - Smooth Criminal Goblin
Blodkai the Great Faerie
Blonk the Beginner Troll
BloodGod Hunter of Men Reptilian
Bloodscale the Beginner Reptilian
Blundstone the Top Human
Bluudlust the Great Troll
Boatmurdered the Beginner Demon
Boblious the Beginner Reptilian
BoBo the Great Troll
BobTheFish the Beginner Human
Bodini the Great Human
Bofi the Great Dwarf
Bogstrok the Student Demon
Bojangles the Great Reptilian
Bojo Mojo Dwarf
Bokkai the Great Orc
Bombi the Great Faerie
Bonex the Beginner Dwarf
Bonez the Great Dwarf
Booa the Layman Dwarf
Booch the Student Orc
Boogles the Striving Dwarf
Booyana Booyackasha Troll
Borak the Despoiler Orc
Boran the Beginner Troll
Boris the Blade Troll
Boryenka . Troll
Bosko the Great Dwarf
Boston . Reptilian
Bovai the Beginner Dwarf
Braber the Beginner Human
Brack . Troll
Brainiac the Beginner Troll
Brak'Mog the Great Dwarf
Bralic the Lucky Dwarf
Braqq the Great Reptilian
Braun the Great Troll
Brego - Tokyo Vigilante Human
Brehn the Skilled Human
Bresq the Amateur Elf
Briag that Silly Troll Troll
Briggo the UnCola Human
Broca the downstyle Elf
Brockk the Beginner Troll
Brockmann the Great Troll
Brogan the Student Troll
Bronn the Amateur Troll
Brontest the Beginner Troll
Brutiz the Beginner Elf
Bryce the Student Troll
Bryg the Great Troll
Buchanon the Student Orc
Bucky the Beginner Troll
Buffy the Striving Gnome
Bukilam the Beginner Gnome
Buliwyf the Amateur Demon
Bullock Brightblade - Right Hand of Gabriel Human
Bulyak the Beginner Faerie
Bumgarner the Beginner Reptilian
Bunkley the Survivor Troll
Burgle the Great Reptilian
Burke the Beginner Dwarf
Burntt the Beginner Dwarf
Burt the Beginner Troll
Burzum brooding little Dwarf Dwarf
Byc the Beginner Elf
Bzergs Skarsol Troll
Cacksparrer the Laywoman Elf
Cactaur the Beginner Centaur
Caecilia the Skilled Elf
Caelia the Great Faerie
Caesar the Beginner Human
Cain Unabel Dwarf
Cairn the Silverhawk Dwarf
Caldon the Great Human
Calebyl the Striving Elf
Caledonia Payzant Centaur
Caliban the Student Dwarf
Caligula Dippy Dwarf
Caliope the Great Dwarf
Cameron the Beginner Dwarf
Cannonball the Screwed Troll
Canook the Great Centaur
Canuck . Dwarf
Capiroto the Beginner Demon
Carcharoth the Amateur Dwarf
Cardozo the Great Dwarf
Carlos Newton Human
Carmine the Crazy Gnome
Carol Twombly Faerie
Carrutha the Beginner Human
Carsetius the Beginner Human
Cartwright ? Caaaartwriiiight? Human
Carysaul Is Clothed With The Sun Gnome
Caserion the Survivor Gnome
Caslon the Great Elf
Caspian the Great Human
Castiel Colosse Dwarf
Castro the Infidel Troll
Casus the Amateur Reptilian
Catalina the Great Dwarf
Caywen the Lucky Faerie
Caz the Great Elf
Cearuilin the Amateur Gnome
Celenia the Cytheran Faerie
Celeste the Skilled Dwarf
Centwar the Great Centaur
Certiorari the Beginner Gnome
Chaios the Great Demon
Chakra the Survivor Gnome
Charodey the Striving Human
Chatpata the Great Orc
Chedipe the Survivor Dwarf
Cheez the Amateur Troll
Chehen the Beginner Dwarf
Chekhu the Lucky Dwarf
Chemal the Great Elf
Cherlindrea the Old Demon
Cherru the Survivor Dwarf
Cheza . Dwarf
Chong - Troll
Chrissy the prissy Faerie
Christine - The drag queen Gnome
Christopher the Amateur Human
Chrock the Beginner Troll
ChuckNorris the Lucky Human
Chucky the Stabby Stab Stabber Elf
Churika the Amateur Troll
Cidine the Beginner Demon
Cienna - whatever Gnome
Ciera . Dwarf
Ciesta the Great Faerie
Cimabue the Beginner Human
Cinomed the Great Demon
Cirrus cloud Dwarf
Citanule the Paranoid Paladin Dwarf
Clammer the Skilled Orc
Clarendon the Survivor Troll
Clarice The Mage-Ette Gnome
Claude Garamond Centaur
Claudio the Beginner Elf
Clive the Skilled Human
Cloe the Skilled Dwarf
Coag the Great Elf
Coeir the Beginner Human
Coleman the Beginner Reptilian
Colin the bottom Faerie
Compaq the Great Human
Conundrum the Lucky Gnome
Corbis the Great Elf
Cormir the Beginner Centaur
Cornelius Fubb Troll
Corondor the Skilled Gnome
Corpsa the Lucky Gnome
Cortis the Striving Troll
Corwin the Beginner Human
Cottonball the confused halfling thingit Halfling
Craven the Great Dwarf
Creea the Woodchip Human
Creter the Lucky Troll
Crimsyn the Survivor Demon
Crisis Cutthroat Reptilian
Crithos the Beginner Demon
Crok Knocker Reptilian
Crono the Amateur Demon
Cronus the Skilled Dwarf
Crosis . Orc
Crowe the Striving Demon
Crowley the Great Faerie
Cruck the Skilled Goblin
Cruella De'Vil Dwarf
Cruentar the Great Centaur
Crunk the Amateur Centaur
Crunky the Beginner Reptilian
Crusherz ... Troll
Cruys the Striving Reptilian
Cryath the Beginner Goblin
Crypto currency Dwarf
Crysen the Beginner Demon
Crystale the Skilled Human
Crystalina the Great Dwarf
Cuciro the Amateur Halfling
Cunanan the Great Human
Curtis - Reptilian
Cyla the Great Reptilian
Cynikre the Loverly Mage Gnome
Cynthia the Student Human
Cysst the Skilled Reptilian
Daag the Beginner Dwarf
Dabu the Skilled Elf
Daen the Beginner Centaur
Daffyd the Skilled Dwarf
Dagmars the Beginner Human
Dagny the Great Orc
Dagross the Master of Shadows Halfling
Dahound the Beginner Halfling
Dakkon the Student Troll
Dalathor the Great Dwarf
Dalem the Beginner Human
Dalketh Stormrage - Bane of the Lost Elf
Dallas the Survivor Troll
Damastes the Great Gnome
Damean the Beginner Demon
Damiana the Amateur Reptilian
DaMickey Mau5 Troll
Damien the Great Faerie
Damnien the Amateur Reptilian
Damon Thorhammer Dwarf
Danbo Ostinat Faerie
Dangrim the Beginner Dwarf
Daniel the Beginner Dwarf
Danielle - Femme Fatale Troll
Danlan the Beginner Human
Dansor the Lucky Elf
Dantae the Goblin Goblin
Dante the Inferno Dwarf
Daoine the Survivor Faerie
Daphne the Amateur Human
Daratan -- Shadow Stalker -- Goblin
Darby the Great Troll
Darias the Great Troll
Dariela the Demonic Spawn Troll
Darius Unparalled Spectre of Light Gnome
Darkasher the Great Orc
Darkknowing the Beginner Halfling
Darkskies is not on her comp- spammin spells Dwarf
Darlantin the Amateur Elf
Darlanton the Skilled Orc
Darnab the Lucky Human
Darrek ... Reptilian
Darren the Beginner Elf
Darrow the Survivor Dwarf
Darson no worry beef curry Dwarf
Darthorn Soulstainer Gnome
Darys the Lucky Faerie
Dasain the Beginner Goblin
David the Beginner Troll
Davin LeVey. Dwarf
Davinlevey the Great Orc
Davinswar . Dwarf
Davinwar the Great Faerie
Davmorn the Layman Demon
Davviek the Skilled Demon
Dawes the Beginner Dwarf
DawgDean the Master Ranger Troll
Dawson the Beginner Centaur
Daxxie the Beginner Human
Dayman the Great Dwarf
Dazzel U Reptilian
Deadeye the Beginner Dwarf
DeadMemes the Mediocre Demon
Deadworm the Beginner Troll
Deathrin the Striving Orc
Deathscale the Mediocre Reptilian
Debaser the Lucky Human
Decado - Green Jello Dragon Reptilian
Degang the Great Reptilian
Deign the Student Goblin
Delk the Amateur Human
Delmar the Great Gnome
Delsey the Beginner Elf
Demikos the Survivor Goblin
Demli the Beginner Human
Demmi Dwarfess Dwarf
Demosk the Beginner Demon
Denise the Mediocre Human
Derrin Darkleaf Halfling
Desha the Student Faerie
Deshaliz the Beginner Troll
Desiderius the Beginner Elf
Destosh Darkstone Dwarf
Deth the Skilled Troll
Deudermont the Great Human
Devo the reborn Troll
Devon the Survivor Troll
Dezzi afk Elf
Dfghj the Beginner Halfling
Diabolos - Dark Paladin [11] Demon
Diagotsu The Wanderer Human
Dialga the Student Elf
Dianna - The God Killer Dwarf
Dicy Elf Elf
Dilja voo Troll
Dillon the Layman Demon
Dimitri the Survivor Faerie
Dimitricus Origin Gnome
Dimitrious has a big tail Reptilian
Dimoni the Great Demon
Dimor the Mediocre Demon
Diontia El-Garath Troll
Dirs the Elven Soloist Elf
Dirz the Amateur Elf
Dismesa the Beginner Human
Dissd the Beginner Troll
Disulkus Dual-Edged Dwarf
Dizzo . Reptilian
Django del Sol Reptilian
Djara the Beginner Gnome
Djuren the Survivor Dwarf
Dmitry the Great Dwarf
DnZ the Beginner Centaur
Dobro the Student Faerie
Doeja the Beginner Faerie
Dogfish the Mediocre Centaur
Dogman the Great Dwarf
Dokk the Skilled Faerie
Dolezael Xi'Vorrea Elf
Dolf the Survivor Dwarf
DollarFitty the Lucky Elf
Dolor the Great Demon
Domo the Beginner Dwarf
Doogan the Great Halfling
Doomicus Maximus Gnome
Doomm the Great Troll
Dooz the Great Dwarf
Dorgan the Great Halfling
Dorwick the Survivor Goblin
Downloads the Beginner Elf
Dox bring back distill essence! Troll
Dozer the Beginner Dwarf
Dracu the Great Elf
Dragonasi Yog-Sothoth Demon
DragonBorn the Lucky Human
Dragonspawn the Beginner Elf
Dragonus the Magus Dwarf
Drakar DevilSpawn Demon
Draken the Layman Dwarf
Drakiir the Beginner Demon
Drakk - Troll
Drako the wise Reptilian
Drakon Dragon's Bane Troll
Dralach the Great Human
Dralam the Great Human
Dralan the Great Human
Draven the Beginner Dwarf
Dreadnaught ArcMage Gnome
Dredd the Striving Dwarf
Dremlich the Lucky Goblin
Drillz the Beginner Elf
Drinwa the Survivor Troll
Drizzt the Great Halfling
Droblik the Survivor Gnome
Drokin the Striving Halfling
Droog the Striving Gnome
Druk . Troll
Druss the Adventurer Troll
Drydd the Anti-Priest Demon
DrZed the Survivor Reptilian
Dsafdghjk the Beginner Troll
Dsfjhs the Beginner Troll
Dubbin the Beginner Elf
Ducard the Great Reptilian
Dugan the Skilled Demon
Duhon the Skilled Troll
Duild the Striving Gnome
Dukai the Survivor Troll
Duku the Great Troll
Dumbus the Great Troll
Dumluk the Great Troll
Dumpy the Beginner Dwarf
Durac the Beginner Centaur
Duranta the Lucky Orc
Duruta the Beginner Centaur
Durvan the Survivor Dwarf
Dusk . Troll
Dwayne the Beginner Dwarf
Dwight Schrute Gnome
Dybbuk the Great Faerie
Dyfrul Gond Krulgord Reptilian
Dyron the Amateur Demon
Dyronious the Elf Elf
Dyska the Striving Gnome
EagleMan the Beginner Human
Earthscale the Layman Reptilian
Ebbinghaus the old Centaur
Edgar the Striving Human
Edgtho the Mediocre Human
Edican the Great Reptilian
Egaen the Student Dwarf
Egbert the Great Reptilian
Egdod the Striving Gnome
EggWhite the Yolk Elf
Eglon the Skilled Human
Ehud the Survivor Reptilian
Eicher the Great Human
Eiken the Amateur Halfling
Eithon the Beginner Goblin
Ekomi the Great Human
Eldon Eikenkruis Human
Elendil - High King of Gondor and Arnor Human
Elenil the Great Centaur
Elenya the Survivor Elf
Elervan the Lucky Elf
Elessar Dunedain Elf
Elijah the Beginner Human
Elisha the Great Human
Elistan - Bearer of the White Robe Gnome
Ellus the Beginner Demon
Elora the Amateur Dwarf
Elrith the Student Elf
Elton the Beginner Faerie
Elvira the Beginner Demon
Elwood the Black Gnome
Elyan the Beginner Dwarf
Elyn the Survivor Halfling
Eminem the Beginner Demon
Emopanda the Beginner Elf
Engels the Great Faerie
Enid the Great Gnome
Enigma the Tiny Faerie
Enmity . Demon
Enyo . Dwarf
Enzio the Assassin Troll
Enzo Martinelli Dwarf
Eobyn smoosh yer face [22] Troll
Eoin the Beginner Human
Eostre the Student Elf
Equamor the Great Reptilian
Equus Centaurus Centaur
Eragon the Student Reptilian
Eraith . Gnome
Erakdon Karnar Troll
Erani of House Aurellos Elf
Eravor the AFK idlemaster Reptilian
Erdrick the Beginner Human
Erebus God of Night Faerie
Eredan the Great Gnome
Eremis the Beginner Human
Eriath . Demon
Eridan the Rarely Seen Dwarf
Ernie is Bertram's best friend Human
Ernog the Student Elf
Erosia the Beginner Elf
Erovrare the Beginner Human
Eryk the Striving Gnome
Esahc the Great Troll
Esano the Lucky Demon
Escillion the Skilled Reptilian
ESkew the Beginner Reptilian
Esod the Amateur Elf
Esoteridactal the Beginner Reptilian
Esquimalt the outdated vessel Troll
Esquire the Beginner Gnome
Essex the Beginner Dwarf
Etea the Mediocre Faerie
Euk the confused Troll
Euler the Mediocre Troll
Evandros the Survivor Dwarf
Evangeline the Skilled Faerie
Evanity the Beginner Human
Evean the Beginner Human
Exemplar the Beginner Dwarf
Extant the Beginner Faerie
Eyla the Student Faerie
Eyvy the Mediocre Reptilian
Ezimed Ezimed Ezimed Troll
Ezio the Survivor Reptilian
Ezron rises Orc
Ezzence Wise Dwarfess of Antioch Dwarf
Faelyn Elfess Elf
Faen the Amateur Elf
Faenor Wizard Elf
Fafhrd the Barbarian Dwarf
Fafnir the Lucky Dwarf
Fairbanks the Great Human
Falcar - Paladin Dwarf
Falic the Great Orc
Falkon the Beginner Troll
Fallarn the Beginner Human
Fallon the Student Gnome
Falzon the Beginner Dwarf
Fanaroff Forktongue - Divine Healer Reptilian
Fandango the Lucky Faerie
Fangolin the Skilled Elf
Fap the Layman Centaur
Faraday the Mediocre Reptilian
Fark the Beginner Centaur
Farnsworth the Great Faerie
Farric the Great Dwarf
Faus Bungles in the Jungles Reptilian
Faust the Great Demon
Fauxbus the Great Troll
Fawk YOU! Troll
Fdsa the Beginner Gnome
Featherfoot the Skilled Halfling
Feda the Great Faerie
Federov the Beginner Dwarf
Felhound the Skilled Halfling
Feluren the Lucky Human
Fenestre the Great Reptilian
Fenix the amazingly awesome Dwarf
Fenrir the Beginner Human
Fernback the Beginner Troll
Feroz the Beginner Orc
Ferro the Beginner Dwarf
Fex Le Mur Faerie
Fezz the Great Gnome
Fezzik the Giant Troll
Fidelio - Classified Orc
Figleforth the Student Demon
Filania the Mediocre Halfling
Filgil the Amateur Halfling
FindMucked the Beginner Human
Findus the Great Faerie
Fingolfin the Striving Elf
Finickity the Striving Elf
Finkle the Survivor Demon
Finwe all Business Elf
Finzeeki the Great Gnome
Fiona . Faerie
Fishpig the Survivor Halfling
Fizban the befuddled Wizard Gnome
Flagg - Dark Enchanter + Soul Syphon Gnome
Flapper the Beginner Human
Flarg the Beginner Troll
Flebl the Lucky Faerie
Flent the Beginner Dwarf
Fleuron the Great Elf
Flibbjibbity the Great Dwarf
Fliggen the Lucky Halfling
Fligin the Beginner Halfling
Flipper the Beginner Dwarf
Flith the Striving Reptilian
Floki the Great Dwarf
Flooky the Beginner Troll
Flourence - ugrog Ugorgo ogorgo Natron Centaur
Flup the Lucky Goblin
Flynt - Dwarf
Fnuckle the Layman Dwarf
Fof the Mediocre Faerie
Fofofof the Beginner Troll
Forbin . Elf
Forge Troll King Troll
Fortufaiv the Great Centaur
Foulwerp the Amateur Troll
Fourier the Mediocre Orc
Fraggle the Survivor Faerie
Frak the Striving Goblin
Francisco the Beginner Dwarf
Franklin the Beginner Human
Franz blowing off the stink Gnome
Freddy Krueger Demon
Freestyle the Layman Centaur
Frek the Student Gnome
Freure . Dwarf
Frik the Great Gnome
Frogen the Beginner Elf
Frosty Nap Time Troll
Frutiger the archer Centaur
Fub the Great Centaur
Fubs the Beginner Troll
Fumbal the Survivor Gnome
Furby the Hairy Dwarf w/the crazy eyes Dwarf
Furg the Amateur Demon
Furin the Beginner Troll
Futumsh Fuzzyears Troll
Fynn the Beginner Troll
Fyran the Striving Halfling
Fyre the Great Dwarf
Fyxer the Survivor Demon
Fyxu Zama'jub Elf
G'von the Amateur Reptilian
Gaara of the Sand Village Human
Gabrael the Beginner Demon
Gabriel Archangel of Death Gnome
Gabriella the Survivor Dwarf
Gagi the Beginner Human
Gagrana the Beginner Troll
Gahr the Great Troll
Gakila the Great Goblin
Galadhir the Lucky Elf
Galant the Survivor Faerie
Galash ...yup Goblin
Galdas the Student Troll
Galdo Goldtooth - afk Goblin
Galethon the Great Human
Gallix the Beginner Demon
Galr the Great Troll
Galt , who is? Dwarf
Galthon . Troll
Galton the Survivor Dwarf
Gambit the Beginner Demon
Gambol the Beginner Dwarf
Ganen the Skilled Elf
Gaoc the Striving Human
Gappon - Terra First! Halfling
Garador the Striving Reptilian
Garby the Great Elf
Gardyn Gnome Gnome
Gargamel Brother of Grimshala Troll
Garithor the Amateur Troll
Garod the Striving Orc
Garotes the Striving Centaur
Garren the Great Reptilian
Garrit the Great Dwarf
Gaston , hon hon hon! Troll
Gathis the Human Human
Gaugh the Great Troll
Gaul the Great Troll
Gauze Pad - Iron Lungs Faerie
Gaxtok the Great Troll
Gchorg the Beginner Demon
Geecko the Beginner Reptilian
Gelhardt the Beginner Troll
Gendric the Beginner Demon
Genesis Nighthammer - is afk Dwarf
Geoff the NOC Engineer Dwarf
Geofry the Beginner Demon
Geomul the Great Dwarf
Gerd the Lucky Troll
Gerigondor the Beginner Demon
Gerlam the Great Centaur
Gerrard Silver Spear Mindreaver Reptilian
Gertrude the Survivor Gnome
Geshundeit - one who blesses Halfling
Gesundheit the Mediocre Demon
Geuhe the Skilled Reptilian
Ghar the Beginner Orc
Ghob the Great Orc
Ghriv the Student Troll
Giblet the Amateur Gnome
Gibny the Great Gnome
Gibril the Great Goblin
Gilgo Moosh Troll
Gilied the Striving Human
Gilthanas Eytherannia Elf
Giluf the Beginner Human
Gimbly the Beginner Faerie
Gimlitwo the Beginner Dwarf
Gimlobobbins - Hobbit Eater Troll
Gimpy the Lucky Elf
Ginnungagap the Student Human
Gip the Striving Halfling
Gix eyeless Reptilian
Gixen the Vile Elf
Gizzmo the Striving Dwarf
Glans the Student Gnome
Globo the Beginner Troll
Glonk ~ Troll
Gloria the Great Gnome
Glukleb the Great Gnome
Glumyna the Survivor Troll
Glunk the Great Troll
Glup the Striving Gnome
Glygar the Skilled Troll
Gneiss the Great Dwarf
Gnomad far from home Gnome
Gnomos the Striving Gnome
Goar the Great Dwarf
Goban the Striving Halfling
Gobash - Left Hand of Vaprak the Destroyer Troll
Gobby - afk Goblin
Gobi the Survivor Goblin
Gobit the Great Halfling
Godot the Beginner Demon
Gohum the Skilled Dwarf
Golfimbul the Monstrous Centaur
Golub the Survivor Goblin
Gomo the Great Human
Gonad the Beginner Troll
Gonads the Beginner Troll
Gondert the Beginner Demon
Gondor the Good Dwarf
Goodnuf the Student Troll
GoodyTwoShoes the Beginner Faerie
Google the Mediocre Centaur
Googleplexity the Striving Elf
Goomba the Great Gnome
Goosseus the Great Human
Gorak the Great Troll
Gorash the Beginner Human
Gorax of the Lone Mountain Clan Dwarf
Gorbat the Great Troll
Gordon the Beginner Dwarf
Gorechild the slow Troll
Gorgee the Survivor Goblin
Gorgonzola . Troll
Gorgut / Dwarf
Gorka Is a Goblin Goblin
Gorlok the Skilled Troll
Gorluc showed you the knife Goblin
Gorman the Beginner Dwarf
Gormire the Amateur Dwarf
Gorog the Beginner Troll
Gorthun Grack Troll
Gosa the Beginner Human
Goso the Amateur Troll
Gosu Warrior Troll
Gothmog the Great Troll
Gouda the Striving Elf
Goudy the Survivor Centaur
Gourry the Survivor Human
Goz the Skilled Troll
Gra'kael the Student Demon
Graah the Skilled Dwarf
Graak the Snarf Orc
Grabbey the Student Dwarf
GrabbeyJr will grab more than EQ *wink* Dwarf
Gradox the Survivor Troll
Grael Stonebeard Dwarf
Graisen the Student Centaur
Grak the Great Reptilian
Grak'btor the Survivor Dwarf
Grammaton the young cleric Dwarf
Granavir the Skilled Human
Gravlax the Newb Human
Gravol the Lucky Troll
Grawk the Beginner Troll
Grelod the Kind Troll
Gremlock stomp stomp smush smush Troll
Grendel the Great Dwarf
Grenlugg the Dwarf Dwarf
Greybeard the Beginner Dwarf
Greyfon the Skilled Centaur
Greystone the Beginner Elf
Gribble the Beginner Faerie
Grieg the Beginner Troll
Grikkle the Great Goblin
Grimes the Survivor Faerie
Grimgore the Dwarven Battlerager Dwarf
Grimguld . Dwarf
Grimhrafn the Beginner Goblin
Grimley , Ed Dwarf
Grimlock the Mediocre Orc
Grimmy the Beginner Human
Grimnir the Beginner Goblin
Grimson the Skilled Dwarf
Grimtok the Great Troll
Grimtrust the Skilled Centaur
Grinbar the Beginner Dwarf
Grith Stonescorcher Dwarf
Gritz the Great Goblin
Groll . Troll
Grollug the Skilled Troll
Grom the Beginner Troll
Grommet the Survivor Troll
Grophos the Great Reptilian
Grotesk the Great Troll
Groth the Great Troll
Grover the Great Human
Growse the Most Dwarf
Gruar of the Old Clan Dwarf
Grubgok the Beginner Troll
Grug the Skilled Dwarf
Grukk the Skilled Orc
Grukmuck Mugick Troll
Grule the Lucky Orc
Grumbar Stoneaxe Dwarf
Grumblor the Pious Drunkard Dwarf
Grumm ... finally Gnome
Grunge the Filthy Troll
Grunk Finn Troll
Gruntlefert the Student Gnome
Gruwl the Skilled Goblin
Gryma Wyrmtongue the Tricksy Goblin
GuardianShadow the Survivor Human
Gubby the Amateur Goblin
Guest of the Realms Human
Guhova the Great Centaur
Gukk the Great Orc
Gurdibbly the Great Gnome
Gurmilla the Survivor Reptilian
Gurug the Lucky Dwarf
Gurzo the Beginner Elf
Gutenberg the Beginner Troll
Gvorn the Great Human
Gwenidd the Survivor Troll
Gwybac - Nova Cat Dwarf
Gwyllyn the Survivor Gnome
Gwyr the Lucky Elf
Gyrog . Reptilian
Haaas the Beginner Centaur
Haarvey the Beginner Human
Haas , Die Neue Grotesk Troll
Haaus the Student Human
Hadean the ancient Dwarf
Hadru the Beginner Reptilian
Hakkai the Beginner Orc
Halden the Lucky Halfling
Hamdo the Beginner Elf
Hampus the Skilled Halfling
Hania the lost Dwarf
Hannya the Skilled Troll
Hanshi the Survivor Gnome
Hanz the Lucky Gnome
Haplo the Great Dwarf
Harbir the Great Orc
Harboe the Great Halfling
Harel the Great Dwarf
Hareth the Great Human
Haribo the Great Halfling
Harkell the Dark Seraphim Human
Harley the Great Dwarf
Harlock the Beginner Reptilian
Harold the Survivor Gnome
Harpua the Rabid Hound Reptilian
Harriet the Lucky Halfling
Hartho the Beginner Human
Hartuip the Layman Demon
Hasheen the Amateur Reptilian
Hathor the Great Gnome
Haudh the Great Goblin
Haurdic the Student Halfling
Havok the Survivor Troll
Hawthorne the Amateur Gnome
Hayden the Great Gnome
Hayward the Archer Halfling
Haywood FooFighter Human
Hazel the Gnome Gnome
Hazenna the Great Centaur
Hazleton the Survivor Reptilian
Heathryl the Survivor Gnome
Hebb , Donald Human
Hecate Goddess of Night Dwarf
Hector the Beginner Halfling
Heisenberg says ...maybe. Human
Helen the Student Centaur
Helena the Student Troll
Helios the Amateur Reptilian
Hellen the Survivor Gnome
Hellraiser the Great Troll
Hellraisers the Beginner Elf
HELPZOR the Beginner Dwarf
Herbie the Great Elf
Herectic the Neat Troll
Herger the Joyous Dwarf
Herps the Great Troll
Hevean the Beginner Faerie
Hexenvirii the Skilled Elf
Hexonx the Beginner Demon
HexxoR the Beginner Troll
Heyheyhey the Beginner Goblin
Heywood Jablowmi Orc
Hiapano the Goblin Goblin
Hidalgo title 55% Horse Centaur
Higor the Amateur Reptilian
HiHater the Beginner Gnome
Hison the Beginner Human
Hitman the Lucky Orc
Hobba Gobbalynn Goblin
Hoble the Student Demon
Holden the Survivor Centaur
Holliey the Survivor Goblin
Holon the Great Troll
Holt the Survivor Centaur
Honjin the Beginner Goblin
Honn Honn Honn Faerie
Hooxyg the Beginner Elf
Hophni the Skilled Gnome
Horan ~ no pet today :( Centaur
Horkus the Lucky Centaur
Horst the Great Centaur
Horton the Beginner Centaur
Horza the Beginner Reptilian
Hoss - Total Warrior Troll
Hotch the Great Troll
Houdini the Escape Artist Elf
Howard the Beginner Demon
Hoyt - Quit horsing around Centaur
Hpno Mester Dwarf
Hudson Rock Troll
Hugo the Amateur Dwarf
Hunglika immortal. NOTHING AT ALL Dwarf
Hunka the Great Orc
Hunny the Survivor Halfling
Huran the Student Human
Huskrock Locke Troll
Huti the Beginner Human
Huur the Layman Demon
Huyt Huizinga Goblin
Hygeia - Healing The Good Human
Iaeri the Survivor Elf
Iatro the Striving Centaur
Iberoga the Great Dwarf
Iblys - Monster Troll
Ibn the Layman Dwarf
IceStorm . Dwarf
Ichee bittie titties Reptilian
Icilea the Great Dwarf
Icy . Dwarf
Idenna the Beginner Halfling
Ikara Nilema Tilaja Dwarf
Ikeshia the Student Elf
Iliya the Amateur Faerie
Illiath the Great Dwarf
Ilshan the Beginner Demon
Ilyn the Great Dwarf
Imaraf . Troll
Imiz the Great Reptilian
Impalpable . Gnome
Imrahil Captain of Silver Banner Justice Reptilian
Ingwen the Great Faerie
Inigo the Great Halfling
InkEyes Servant of Oni Elf
Inonvindil the Lucky Centaur
Inop the Beginner Orc
Insete the Beginner Elf
Inzanity Bloodsap - The Wisper of the Dead Elf
Iodine the Beginner Elf
Ionia Firestorm Dwarf
Iosin the Skilled Orc
Ipendorf the Student Demon
Iqug the Great Troll
Irene the Beginner Human
Isandir the Beginner Gnome
Ishkul the Lucky Halfling
Ishtar the Last Ninja Turtle Reptilian
Isidio the apprentice Elf
Isinic the Great Faerie
Issachar the Great Halfling
Istari Anatal Human
ItsNystul the Beginner Elf
IvanBluefire the Beginner Elf
IvanRomanov the Amateur Elf
Iwi Death Dwarf
Ixythik the Gnome Gnome
Iylistraee the Great Elf
Iyvy the Striving Reptilian
Izack Dawnblade Dwarf
Izanagi the Mediocre Demon
Izri the Survivor Troll
Jabber the Gnome Gnome
Jackeen the Lucky Gnome
Jacknick the Striving Gnome
Jacquelin the Great Human
Jacqueline the Great Gnome
Jadan the Mediocre Reptilian
Jadeite crystal Reptilian
Jaden the Great Dwarf
Jader the Beginner Demon
Jadite the Great Dwarf
Jael the Survivor Goblin
Jaem the Student Orc
Jaeri the Untitled Faerie
Jager meister Dwarf
Jagger the Student Reptilian
Jaj the Skilled Faerie
Jak'd the Striving Troll
Jake the Beginner Elf
Jalic . Elf
Jalidin the Survivor Halfling
Jalik the Skilled Dwarf
Jalis the Great Dwarf
Jamar the Beginner Reptilian
JamesBryan the Beginner Human
Jandur the Beginner Troll
Jane the Great Dwarf
Janx - Repair Dorf, Master Skinner Dwarf
Japheth the Survivor Troll
Jaquel the Great Gnome
Jaris afk'ish Troll
Jarl the Survivor Faerie
Jasari the Beginner Human
Jasmina the Great Human
Jasmine Sweet yet Overpowering Human
Jasper the Lucky Gnome
Jatten the Great Troll
Jauchzer the Skilled Goblin
Javelin the Great Elf
Jaxal the totally screwed. Elf
Jaxnick the Great Troll
Jaxson the Great Dwarf
JaxX the Amateur Demon
Jayne Cobb ... 'Hero of Elkin' Troll
Jayson the Lucky Dwarf
Jdgfhkj the Beginner Halfling
JeanValjean the Beginner Gnome
Jeff the Beginner Demon
Jerebo the Great Troll
Jeremiah the student Human
Jeremy the Great Centaur
Jeriah the Deathdagger Human
Jerryn Jackdaw Halfling
Jertog the Beginner Reptilian
Jese the Survivor Gnome
Jetsam the Skilled Demon
Jetser the Striving Demon
Jezebel the Wiz Elf
Jhael the Great Orc
Jibboo the Frisky Dwarf
Jideth the Beginner Demon
Jiggaknot the Beginner Demon
Jigogran happy troll Troll
Jimrtcw the Beginner Orc
Jinak the Beginner Elf
Jinkies the Great Troll
Jiro the Skilled Reptilian
Joauld the Great Troll
Jobi the Beginner Orc
Joc the Striving Reptilian
Jochem the Beginner Human
Joebob the Great Centaur
Johan the Survivor Dwarf
Johnkane the Beginner Reptilian
Jolee the Beginner Human
Jolie Poupee Faerie
Jolx the Lucky Halfling
Jonas the Great Human
Joseph the Student Troll
Joshua the Amateur Troll
Jotnar the Great Troll
Jox the Beginner Troll
Joxich the Lucky Troll
Jricweqlas the Beginner Troll
Jtdfghj the Beginner Troll
Juba Master Druid Gnome
Jude the Beginner Human
Jugman the Beginner Halfling
Juhi the Great Elf
Julian & Sandy Demon
Julien the Beginner Halfling
Julius the Student Elf
Jumjum the not so great. Halfling
Junan the Student Human
June the Beginner Elf
Junta the Great Troll
Juntar the Beginner Demon
Jurant the Lucky Orc
Jwoh the Great Dwarf
Jynn - Waiting for Darkness Dwarf
Jynx the Great Gnome
Kabal the Great Troll
Kackerlacka the Great Orc
Kaelin The Reaper Gnome
Kaeril the Beginner Elf
Kaern the Beginner Faerie
Kagonos - Human
Kahlis the Lucky Dwarf
Kahlua Kildare of Cythera Dwarf
Kaiba the Amateur Troll
Kain is Pain Demon
Kakila the Great Faerie
Kalam Mekhar Reptilian
Kalasa the Great Troll
Kalidor the Great Centaur
Kalinin the Beginner Human
Kalista the Skilled Gnome
Kalki the Student Centaur
Kalora the Skilled Gnome
Kalriis the Great Faerie
Kalwei the Survivor Human
Kama the Beginner Human
Kamen the Student Elf
Kamilla the Amateur Gnome
Kamlith the Beginner Human
Kanak the Beginner Halfling
Kanbie the Amateur Elf
Kane - Demon Incarnate Demon
Kaos the Great Dwarf
Karan S'jet Dwarf
Karena the Amateur Gnome
Kargg the Swiss Army Knife Human
Karl the Lucky Troll
KarlMarx the People's Mage Gnome
Karlmarxd the Beginner Troll
Karlo the Beginner Halfling
Karn the Beginner Reptilian
Karrhig the Survivor Orc
Karta ... Faerie
Kash . Reptilian
Kasimir the Skilled Human
Kaskaskia the Great Dwarf
Katauk the Striving Faerie
Katesha the Skilled Human
Kathos the Great Goblin
Katrina the Striving Human
Katsuki the Student Gnome
Kauai wannabe healer Gnome
Kaybebe the Amateur Faerie
Kayce the Striving Demon
Kaylee the Great Human
Kaylub the Healer Faerie
Kayos Bot Dwarf
Kayoss . Troll
Kazel the Beginner Human
Kazuya the Beginner Elf
Keego the Amateur Goblin
Keer the Beginner Orc
Kefka the Survivor Troll
Keimma . Troll
Keira the Laywoman Elf
Keisuke - Giveth and Taketh Faerie
Kelandria the Student Gnome
Kelara the Striving Elf
Kelben the Beginner Gnome
Kelli the Student Elf
Kelner the Beginner Troll
Keloj the Beginner Demon
Kelop the Beginner Goblin
Kelsier the Beginner Demon
Kelson the Mediocre Troll
Keltar the Skilled Troll
Kenaz the Great Troll
Kenchi the Beginner Halfling
Kenderlee the Great Halfling
Kenshin the Lucky Elf
Kensin the Beginner Troll
Kenya princess of sneakiness Elf
Keoni . Faerie
Kerlo - Sky Worshipper Gnome
Kermit the Frog Demon
Kern the Great Dwarf
Kerrie the Great Faerie
Kestral Rowanwood Dwarf
Ketuvim the Great Human
Kevin the Survivor Gnome
Kevup the Beginner Elf
Keynor the Layman Human
Kezzerdrix . Gnome
Khadgar the Khadgaroo Troll
Khalis . Reptilian
Khant the Great Troll
Kharbel . Centaur
Khargaz the Great Goblin
Kharjan the Purifier Human
Kharl Rove, Death's chew-toy Dwarf
Khartoom the Helpful Troll Troll
Kharver the Ice Man Reptilian
Kheldar the Survivor Halfling
Khellendros the Beginner Troll
Khelorim the Amateur Human
Khemhotep of Antioch Human
Khlole the Skilled Dwarf
Khoratos the Beginner Human
Kidra the Amateur Elf
Kieran the Great Troll
Kig the Skilled Human
Kik the dwarf. Dwarf
Kikoo the Beginner Demon
Kiku the Survivor Reptilian
Kilanesa dark defender Dwarf
Kildara the Beginner Troll
Kildare the Dumbfounded Dwarf
Kildrak Bealgun Troll
Kilian the Great Dwarf
Killah the Beginner Goblin
Killerman the Beginner Centaur
KillJoy the Student Human
Killmind the Lucky Elf
Killton the Lucky Reptilian
Kilmore the Beginner Troll
Kilroy the Striving Centaur
Kilyewawl the Great Faerie
Kimch the Great Troll
Kimchi the Beginner Human
Kinharc the Beginner Human
Kira the Amateur Faerie
Kiria has the nastiest 1 round headbutt. Dwarf
Kirjah the Striving Reptilian
Kirna the Great Human
Kismet the Great Troll
Kitana the Beginner Human
Kitetrea - Ghost Bear Dwarf
Kiv Nai ardalya tuluva Elf
Kiwi fruit! Elf
Kix :P Goblin
Kkik the Beginner Demon
Klein o==}>>>>>>>>> Human
Klepp Troll Bismol Troll
Klondyke Dwarf
Knox . Troll
Knyght the Dark One Human
Kobalos the Great Goblin
Kobu the Beginner Goblin
Kodee the Student Elf
Kodiak Dwarf
Kodie TreeHugs Elf
Koil the Great Elf
Kokopelli the Amateur Troll
Kolby the Survivor Faerie
Koltras the Layman Orc
Komodo Dragan Reptilian
Kong the big white troll Troll
Kongurous the Striving Troll
Kook the Great Troll
Kopa Cabana Orc
Kopok the Beginner Troll
Koras _ Troll
Koree the Beginner Human
Koren the Student Dwarf
Kori the Awesome Faerie
Korin the Mediocre Reptilian
Korka the Great Gnome
Korok the Skilled Elf
Koru Sneaky Bastid Goblin
Korug Orc
Koruk of the Koru Clan Orc
Koth keeper of the undead Dwarf
Kourck the Beginner Demon
Kovack the Survivor Dwarf
Kovor the stinky Troll
Kozz the littlest Troll Troll
Krad the Lucky Dwarf
Krael the Beginner Goblin
Kragor the Skilled Demon
Krakk the Beginner Troll
Krakle the Lucky Troll
Kral the Student Troll
Kralick the Beginner Gnome
Kratos . Orc
Kratzer the Survivor Goblin
Kraul the Great Orc
Krayak the Great Elf
Krayven the Lost Puppy Troll
Kreeto the Mediocre Reptilian
Kreil the Beginner Elf
Kreos the Skilled Faerie
Krik adile Reptilian
Kril the Great Reptilian
Krime Dwarf
Krinnag the Lucky Troll
Kristina the Amateur Human
Krizzik the Great Dwarf
Krog the Survivor Troll
Kroids the Skilled Human
Krom Locke Gnome
Kronic the Dope Troll
Kronin the Amateur Troll
Kronk Stomp Troll
Kronos the Great Troll
Kronus bringer of life Dwarf
Krook the Great Troll
Krug . Troll
Krunk the Great Troll
Krupt'd the Student Troll
Krush - Soul Splitter Troll
Kryian the Lucky Dwarf
Kryndor the Great Dwarf
Krypt'c the Survivor Elf
Krypt'k the Great Gnome
Kryptonite the Great Troll
Kryzsig the Beginner Human
Kuad - Mind of Chaos Human
Kubrick the Skilled Dwarf
Kukicha the Beginner Elf
Kulterott the Great Goblin
Kuro the Great Goblin
Kurupt the Great Troll
Kylia the Lost Dwarf
Kynac the Skilled Human
Kyrie - Holy Knightess Human
Kyzell Faerie
L'Dai . Elf
Laetus the Skilled Reptilian
Lagren the Beginner Human
Laikos the Great Dwarf
Lakaena the Great Dwarf
Lamprotornis the Beginner Human
Lancaster the wandering Halfling
Lanen the Grey Gnome
Langeveldt the Traveller Faerie
Langston the Great Troll
Laoidheach the Great Elf
Laplace the Mediocre Orc
Laress the Beginner Human
Latlaf the Lucky Faerie
Laurana the Lucky Elf
Lavite the Beginner Demon
Laxus the Skilled Dwarf
Layla the Beginner Human
Layrana the Great Troll
Leah the Great Human
Lego Lass Elf
Lelio the Adventurer Dwarf
Lemoore the Lucky Dwarf
Lenid the Great Human
Lennox the Great Reptilian
Lenoge the Mage Gnome
Leonna the Beginner Human
Leonorus the Great Troll
Leorn the Student Dwarf
Lerenz the Great Reptilian
Lestatt - God of Darkness Faerie
Lester Fester Centaur
Lethis the Beginner Reptilian
Leviatan the Lucky Troll
Lexis the Beginner Elf
Lhone the Beginner Gnome
Liaf the Survivor Reptilian
Liana ... (insert clever title) Reptilian
Ligas . Dwarf
Lightsbane the Survivor Troll
Lilan the Striving Halfling
Lilian the Halfling Halfling
Lillie the Great Troll
Lilo & Stitch Troll
Lilu the Apprentice Elf
Linus the Great Gnome
LionO the Beginner Reptilian
Lisp Wlyspian Reptilian
Lixr the Skilled Goblin
Lizardo the Skilled Reptilian
Ljusen the Great Dwarf
Llatoot the Survivor Gnome
Locfin the Beginner Centaur
Locon the Student Troll
Lofrpe the Beginner Troll
Logan Darksoul Dwarf
Loihi the Amateur Elf
Loljkidk the Beginner Demon
Lonrya the Student Dwarf
Look (null) vermin
Lopez the Beginner Troll
Lossif Faerie
Lotor the Great Centaur
Lox the Great Elf
Lrrtok the Beginner Troll
Lsd the Great Troll
Luaahi the Great Dwarf
Lubby the Lucky Elf
Lucius the Lucky Elf
Lucka the Student Elf
Lucy the Great Reptilian
Ludn the Beginner Demon
Lufungi the Beginner Centaur
Luinwe the Beginner Elf
Luipoim the Beginner Troll
Lukane the Great Dwarf
Lukos the Beginner Human
Lullabye for the Dead Dwarf
Lulu the Great Orc
Lumyna the Survivor Troll
Lunaatje the Beginner Elf
Lupo the Beginner Human
Lurtz of the Tower Orc
Lustic the Beginner Dwarf
Luthien the Great Gnome
Lutyte the Great Gnome
Luz the Gnome Gnome
Lydia the Great Reptilian
Lyefoh The Begginer Human
Lyfesyphon the Amateur Human
Lygot the Lucky Dwarf
Lyla the Great Orc
Lynk the Beginner Centaur
Lytel the Amateur Faerie
Lythiri of House Aurellos Elf
Lyttle the Lucky Human
Maab ...of the old ways. Faerie
Macavelli the Great Dwarf
Macho Mean Centaur
Mackenzie . Dwarf
Madsen the Skilled Human
Maerlyn the Student Gnome
Maeve Dwarf Warrior Dwarf
Maevyn the Great Elf
Magdi the Great Reptilian
Maggler the Skilled Faerie
Magna the Lucky Dwarf
Magnus the Magician Gnome
Magrat the Trollette Troll
Maharet Faerie
Makaan - The Sajuuk-Khar Human
Makaradon Setar Troll
Malacai Miserlou Troll
Malachive the Beginner Demon
Malag the Skilled Goblin
Malakay the Survivor Human
Malaria the Survivor Troll
Malcolm the cold Reptilian
Malcoln the Beginner Centaur
Malfoy Yoflam Reptilian
Malinko the Survivor Troll
Malinon the Lucky Demon
Malipravum of the Dark Sword Dwarf
Mallic the Great Troll
Malos the Amateur Reptilian
Maltius The Rising Troll
Malum the Lucky Dwarf
Malus the Great Dwarf
Mamba the Great Reptilian
Mangol the Great Troll
Mannered the Beginner Gnome
Mantua the Great Demon
Maoliosa the Student Demon
Maolisa the Priestess Gnome
Mapper the Beginner Human
Maradeath in your eye! o)xxx[;;;;;;;> Centaur
Marduk the Beginner Human
Maren the Great Faerie
Marf the Student Troll
Margax Margaxi: Garden Gnome Gnome
Margot the Amateur Dwarf
Marik the Slink Gnome
Marius the Striving Human
MarlKarx The Meople's Page Gnome
Maroni the Beginner Dwarf
Marrak the Skilled Human
Marrton Ninja Turtle Human
Martan the Great Human
Marton Sharp Shooter Human
Maruk the Decrepid Dwarf
Marvin the Maniacal Dwarf
Marvve the Beginner Gnome
Marx - class warrior Human
Marylou the Beginner Troll
Mastar the Student Goblin
Materia Noble Gnome Gnome
Matrine the Beginner Orc
Matteo Maria Boiardo Gnome
Maveln the Great Dwarf
Maverick Ace Dwarf
Maximarius the Great Dwarf
Maximarus the Lucky Human
Maxwell the Layman Dwarf
Mayme the Survivor Reptilian
Mazdatza the Great Reptilian
McGraw the Great Human
McTall the McShort Dwarf
Mearry the Beginner Human
Mediterranean the Great Faerie
Medon the Beginner Centaur
Meera the Lawn Terror Gnome
Meero the Striving Demon
Meggers the Skilled Elf
Megrim Vagary Reptilian
Melisia the Lucky Elf
Melkor the Survivor Dwarf
MelloStoner the Skilled Dwarf
Melorae of House Aurellos Elf
Memnoch the Great Demon
Menok the Great Reptilian
Mentok the Mind Taker Human
Mephib the Skilled Gnome
Mephistopheles - The Cold One Reptilian
Mercer the Amateur Elf
Meredith the ())__CRAYON___)) > Faerie
Meridiani bloody thief Elf
Merrk - Scales of Injustice Reptilian
Merrton Life Stealer Gnome
Mertan the Great Demon
Merton Soul Chanter Gnome
Meshach the Great Troll
Mestic the Beginner Faerie
Metlahn the Great Elf
Metus Edimus Dwarf
Michael the Amateur Human
Midge the Great Human
Mife loves Asian chicks!! Gnome
Mika the Beginner Human
Mikado Warlock Troll
Mikael the Great Dwarf
Miko the Great Reptilian
Milavius the Mediocre Human
Milelia the Great Human
Milinek the Survivor Reptilian
Milishea the Skilled Gnome
Millinek the Great Reptilian
Millsop the Skilled Human
Mima the Lucky Faerie
Mimzy the Great Faerie
Mink the Lucky Dwarf
Minnie the Beginner Goblin
Minx the Lost Halfling
Mirexis the Lucky Elf
Mirrton Holy Hand of Might Centaur
Mirsha ! Human
Mirtan the Great Human
Mirton Eco Warrior Human
Misanthropic the Lucky Human
Mishra . Reptilian
MISTRAL the Survivor Demon
Mithras the Beginner Demon
Mitnick the Great Elf
Mitos the apprentice Dwarf
Mitzi the Beginner Human
Mlix - Injustice For All Elf
Mlixx - Death, Looks So Beautiful Dwarf
Modgud the Great Dwarf
Moira the Great Faerie
Moiraine Sedai [13] Faerie
MOJO the Great Demon
Mokie the Great Dwarf
Molrat the Great Dwarf
Monark the Survivor Faerie
Monroe the Great Dwarf
Monte Carlo Faerie
Montiok the Beginner Human
Monza Murcatto Elf
Moog the Skilled Centaur
Morandi the Beginner Human
Morbek Blackheart Dwarf
Morbo the Great Gnome
Mordecai the Beginner Human
Mordrid the Layman Centaur
Morgana - Qok's Apprentice! Goblin
Morgen the Survivor Dwarf
Morlac the Striving Gnome
Moros Forktongue Reptilian
Morpheus the Amateur Dwarf
Morris the Great Troll
Morrton Warrior Priest of Baal Dwarf
Mortalitas The Hulking Troll Troll
Mortan MindBlade Human
Mortem Magen't Troll
Mortious - Inquisitor of the Garrett Umbra Gnome
Morton Finger of the Gods Dwarf
Mortum Annibus Dwarf
Mortus the Great Dwarf
Moses wanna lobie healer? Elf
Mouser the Grey Human
Mrcool the Beginner Dwarf
Mrs Eaves Elf
Mryddin the Beginner Gnome
MrYikes the Beginner Dwarf
MtDew the Lucky Human
Mu'tazz the Great Goblin
Mua'dib the Nightmare Centaur
Muad'Dib the Quizach Haderach Human
Muenster Cheese Dwarf
Muerta the Mediocre Faerie
Mugdush the Great Orc
Mugen of the Longbottom Shire Halfling
Muktar - Arabian Orc Orc
Mulder the Mediocre Human
MuleDer the Student Dwarf
Muller Brockmann Human
Murdoc the Drunk Dwarf
Murkluk Muk Troll
Murphy the Great Human
Murrog the Beginner Demon
Murrton Scream Piercer Halfling
Murtan Weapons Master Centaur
Murton Forest Healer Halfling
Murukku the Amateur Orc
Mushu the Skilled Reptilian
Mustafa the Skilled Gnome
Muze the Beginner Dwarf
Myfle the Great Faerie
Myia the Great Gnome
MyImmortal the Beginner Elf
Mykos the Amateur Gnome
Mynard the Beginner Orc
Myphestus the Beginner Gnome
Myrenateli the Beginner Human
Myrkul AFK Troll
Myrrton the Great Human
Myrtan the Great Centaur
Myrton Wood Wanderer Halfling
Myxlplyxt . Faerie
Nabucco the Great Dwarf
Nadab the Lucky Troll
Naelk Yuric Troll
Naeru the Beginner Troll
Nafai the Layman Human
Nagai . Elf
Nagal the Skilled Centaur
Nagen the Skilled Gnome
Naglur the Lucky Elf
Nagluri the Lucky Elf
Naglurz the Survivor Troll
Nagrakh the Adventurer Reptilian
Nahor the Survivor Troll
Naidus the Amateur Gnome
Nailima the Great Human
Nakht the Student Faerie
Nakor the Student Gnome
Nakoshna The Augurer Elf
Naomi the Great Orc
Napala SoulStone Dwarf
Nappa the Beginner Human
Naraku Onigumo Dwarf
Naralax the Beginner Demon
Narayan the Striving Reptilian
Narkesh the Beginner Faerie
Naseer Safwah Faerie
Nathaniel the Lucky Centaur
Naugrim the Great Dwarf
Necrid the Survivor Gnome
Necrogoblicon the Beginner Goblin
Necrov the Amateur Faerie
Necrucifer the Beginner Demon
Nefarious the Beginner Troll
Nefkler the Healer in training Dwarf
Negatiw The Great Red Dragon Troll
Nekroth the Amateur Reptilian
Nemasess the Beginner Demon
Nemath the Beginner Demon
Neojio the Student Reptilian
Neoni the Amateur Human
Nerf the Beginner Elf
Nerurith the Student Gnome
Nessun Dorma Troll
Nesus the Survivor Centaur
Nethitus the Great Halfling
Neunelfer the Beginner Human
Newbs the Beginner Faerie
Niagara Falls Dwarf
Niblets the Beginner Human
Nickle my Homie Gnome
Nicodareus the Lucky Goblin
Niero . Demon
Nightfall the Great Elf
Nightwind the Student Human
Nihilism the Beginner Demon
Nihilum the Amateur Reptilian
Nihilus the Crazytalker Human
Nihte the Layman Reptilian
Nikolai the Dark Human
Niness the Great Dwarf
Niobe the Lucky Elf
Niska the Great Halfling
Nisril the Confused Halfling
Nisse the Amateur Faerie
Niwom ... Dwarf
Nnnkj the Beginner Human
Noah the Adventurer Troll
Nobuo the Great Reptilian
Noche the Lucky Elf
Noel the Beginner Elf
Noir the Great Gnome
Nokitov Slayer of Small Animals Dwarf
Nollany the Beginner Human
Noname the Student Reptilian
Noods the Beginner Dwarf
Norb the Grunt Orc
Noriaelus the Student Dwarf
Nortz the Beginner Halfling
Noryd the Striving Gnome
Novariak . Reptilian
Noved the Survivor Troll
Ntobin the Beginner Demon
Nuen the Amateur Elf
NukPanA the Great Reptilian
Nyghthawk the Beginner Troll
Nyhm the Skilled Troll
Nyna the Student Gnome
Nyron the Beginner Elf
Oberon the Survivor Dwarf
Occido Bloodspear Goblin
Ocis the Great Troll
Odamn is Goodless Dwarf
Oddie the Great Goblin
Ogma the Beginner Orc
Ogos the Lucky Faerie
Ograk the Lucky Troll
Oilioll the Great Elf
Okmgee the Great Troll
Olaf the Amateur Dwarf
Olias the Skilled Elf
Olim the Great Human
OmegaRed the Survivor Orc
Ondine the Beginner Elf
Ongeleygt the Student Faerie
Oorock Jabronie Troll
Oozie - afkish Goblin
Opiep the Great Dwarf
Orck the Lucky Orc
Orenlo the Beginner Faerie
Orithidon the Sophisticratic Rogue Troll
Orku the Lucky Orc
Orlene . Dwarf
Orlog the Beginner Dwarf
Orlon the Beginner Human
Orneus the Lucky Centaur
Oroku Saki - 2.Mlix Dwarf
Orolin the Beginner Dwarf
Oroon . Dwarf
Orpheus the Lucky Troll
Ortung the Student Troll
Osgood the Mediocre Human
Oskar - The Golden Ratio Rules Centaur
Oslo the Great Faerie
Ossolar the Beginner Halfling
Oswald The Bringer Of Blood Dwarf
Othniel the Great Dwarf
Othorian the Beginner Elf
Otsego the Survivor Gnome
Outshiner the Beginner Dwarf
Owraine the Adventuress Human
Oxx the Brute Orc
Paen could be afk Dwarf
Paendross Circlous - afk Goblin
Pagit the Beginner Human
Paige Heartless- Killer of Love Dwarf
Pally the Survivor Dwarf
Pandarus the archer Human
Papageno the Skilled Halfling
Parhelia . Dwarf
Parker the Great Halfling
Parsifal - pure fool Troll
Parsival the Survivor Human
Partyboat the Amateur Gnome
Paulus the Beginner Human
Payge the Striving Demon
Payne in the neck Reptilian
Pazuzu the Demon Demon
Pedrito the Beginner Troll
Pejos the Great Elf
Peln the Beginner Elf
Peneus the Survivor Elf
Penfield the Survivor Human
Penko the Beginner Dwarf
Penumbra . Dwarf
Peoria Pontifica! Dwarf
Pepsi the Lucky Halfling
Periflu the Student Human
Pestiferous - an Elf from Elkin Elf
Petre the Great Reptilian
Petrichor the Mediocre Elf
Peuter the lil girlie troll :D Troll
Pezter the Skilled Dwarf
Phaedrig the Amateur Faerie
Phaeshi the Great Faerie
Phandor the Beginner Dwarf
Phantomx the Lucky Human
Pharex Troll
Pharuk - Rock Steady Dwarf
Phate the Beginner Human
Phathom the Student Reptilian
Phaze the Great Gnome
Philbert the Phool Troll
Phillipp the Survivor Human
Phinehas the Trickster Gnome
Phoebus the Troll Troll
Pholok the Striving Troll
Pholus the Great Centaur
Phoul Ball Faerie
Phreak the Skilled Troll
Phreek Troll
Piccabu - Light of Dawn Faerie
Pickles the Green Goblin Goblin
Pieter the Beginner Dwarf
PiMan the Beginner Dwarf
Pinochet the Lucky Human
Piotrhabera the Beginner Human
Piox the Beginner Dwarf
Pirouette Prisoner Human
Pixel the Great Faerie
Pleliw the Striving Troll
Plinia afkish - HOCKEY SEASON!! Troll
Ploq the Beginner Troll
Plover the Beginner Human
Plumper the Beginner Troll
Poboh Tumeenoh Faerie
Pocky is Japanse for Chocolate on a Stick Troll
Pog Goblin
Poisin the Mediocre Reptilian
Poisyn the Laywoman Reptilian
Polnar the Skilled Goblin
Polok the Beginner Troll
Ponnet the Student Human
Porkage the Beginner Reptilian
Posner the Skilled Troll
Potatoesalad the Beginner Goblin
Potch the Beginner Gnome
Prancer the Great Faerie
Pravus the Survivor Reptilian
Prugmuck the Great Troll
Pubby The Friendly Gnome Gnome
Publix the Beginner Troll
Puffer the Layman Centaur
Puldotkis the Lucky Goblin
Pulsar the Amateur Dwarf
Punkus the Great Gnome
Pupazi the Great Orc
Pusto is here Gnome
Putzinator the Beginner Troll
Pwent the Skilled Gnome
Pyael the Great Faerie
Pyewek choked Troll
Pyh Goblin
Pyrion the Survivor Elf
Q'x the Great Elf
Qax the Layman Troll
Qex the Beginner Faerie
Qok the collector of buttons Goblin
Qov the Amateur Goblin
Quaker the Beginner Gnome
Quanzie the Great Demon
Qubis the Skilled Centaur
Quintessa pixie queen Dwarf
Quinton the Survivor Gnome
Quizzy the Striving Faerie
Quornes the Beginner Human
Qusyacagleg the Beginner Human
Qwertyuiop the Survivor Dwarf
Qwest ! Troll
Racs the edible Elf
Radames the Egyptian Human
Radhin the Striving Demon
Radiskull goes bump in the night Troll
Raetan the Beginner Demon
Ragnar Ve'Delis Human
Rahjah the Striving Demon
Rahn the Great Human
Raife the Adventurer Orc
Rainier the Survivor Elf
Rakar the Great Centaur
Rakasa the Great Faerie
Rakathian the Beginner Demon
Rakdos Rollin Troll
Rakeesh the Lucky Dwarf
Rakhe the Survivor Demon
Rakk the Survivor Dwarf
Ramiel the Beginner Elf
Ramus the Beginner Human
Rancid . Faerie
Rancor the Great Troll
Randor the Student Demon
Ranewen the Great Elf
Raru the Beginner Elf
Rascal >>>> Faerie
Rascilion the Great Centaur
Rasciliop the Survivor Dwarf
Rashaka Ag'torok Troll
Rasputina . Reptilian
Rassik the Beginner Human
Rastamutti Nightstalker Orc
Rastor the Great Troll
Rathick Iron-Axe the Old Dwarf
Rathsin the Beginner Elf
Ravern . Halfling
Ravzor the Amateur Troll
Rawrga the Beginner Orc
Rayios the Layman Goblin
Raymi the Beginner Elf
Raynbow Bright Dwarf
Rayner the Beginner Centaur
Raynor the Layman Elf
Razael the Amateur Goblin
Razelle the Dark Faerie Whore Faerie
Raznik Urukhai Orc
Razook the Quitter Troll
Razzel the Survivor Dwarf
Realth the Beginner Human
RebelSalad the Beginner Troll
Rebirthtest the Beginner Centaur
Recca the Great Reptilian
Recreavon Reincarnator Dwarf
Redeemer the Great Troll
Redsfghjk the Beginner Orc
Redtest the Beginner Elf
RedWolf the Survivor Demon
RedWolfOne the Layman Elf
RedWorm published a book. Check it out! Faerie
Reef'r the Lucky Goblin
Reefer the Beginner Troll
Reggie the Survivor Reptilian
Regikoko the Beginner Goblin
Reihizan - Goodly Goodly Gum Drops Dwarf
Reklu . Troll
Reko the Skilled Halfling
Rekt the Beginner Demon
Rellik the Striving Gnome
Remmik the Beginner Elf
Remy LeBeau - Le Diable Blanc Dwarf
Renate the Great Centaur
Renaultus the Skilled Gnome
Reneigh the Beginner Elf
Renras the Striving Gnome
Renton the Amateur Goblin
Repras the Student Elf
Reptille - The Scales Are In His Favor Reptilian
Retsneg the Lucky Halfling
Revla the Great Elf
Rexar the Survivor Dwarf
Rexim the Great Gnome
Rexius the Skilled Orc
Rexor the Great Dwarf
Reynolds the Skilled Human
Rhianna the Great Gnome
Rhodze the Great Dwarf
Rhombus the Great Faerie
Rhox . Human
Rhyd the Survivor Reptilian
Rhyn the Young Mage Faerie
Riax the Beginner Elf
Riayi the Great Troll
Riddek the Great Troll
Rieker the Beginner Troll
Rigel the Great Reptilian
Rigoletto the Adept Troll
Rinval Knifepoint Reptilian
Ripley the Beginner Dwarf
Riro the Beginner Faerie
RitaZ the Beginner Demon
Rizmo the Beginner Human
Rjak the Beginner Human
Rllavero the Beginner Demon
Roaak the Beginner Goblin
Roarrxi the Beginner Centaur
Roberto the Great Halfling
Rockbitten Volei Dwarf
Rockdar the Layman Centaur
Rockies Snow Capped Troll
Rodney the Great Dwarf
Rodolfo the Poet Troll
Rofellos the Layman Elf
Rofl the Beginner Orc
Rogathe the Layman Dwarf
Roger the Ranger Elf
Rogers the Beginner Human
Rohl Stoneskull Dwarf
Roland the Amateur Gnome
Rolf Blackarrow Elf
Romus the Layman Reptilian
Ronniejamesdio the Beginner Troll
Roran the Lucky Elf
Roschger the Great Reptilian
Rosenberg the Beginner Elf
Roskis the Beginner Human
Rowdie the Survivor Goblin
Rrok Smoosh Troll
Ructo the Great Gnome
Rufius - None Shall Pass! Human
Rugnir the Survivor Gnome
Ruhamah the Faerie Faerie
Rumblestiltskin - Guess my name Gnome
Rupert the Pervert Elf
Rurik the Obfuscator Dwarf
Ruroni the Survivor Halfling
Rycus the Amateur Troll
Rynth the Beginner Faerie
Ryosuke the Great Troll
Ryuikari the Beginner Troll
Ryvern Grimbeard Dwarf
Rywyen The Defender of The Light Dwarf
Saamasal the Great Troll
Sabbath - The Becoming Dwarf
Saben Evil Incarnate Reptilian
Sabien the Survivor Human
Sabina Forktongue Reptilian
Sabon Fount Elf
Sabor Let, the Brown Monk Human
Sabren - The Reverse Ronin Dwarf
Sado the Great Dwarf
Sadra the Great Elf
Safjweiae the Beginner Reptilian
Saggit Fourth Place Centaur
Saii . Troll
Sajuuk'Khar the Student Dwarf
SakenLei the Beginner Faerie
Salazaar the Skilled Gnome
Saligon the puny Reptilian
Saliza the Student Reptilian
Salus the Survivor Dwarf
Salvador the Great Reptilian
Salvatore the Saviour Gnome
Samantha the Great Gnome
SamDumb lost the one ring Human
Sandedia the Beginner Goblin
Sandon the Beginner Human
Sandovor the Amateur Reptilian
Sandro the Beginner Human
Sangar the Beginner Centaur
Sangre Bloodhooves Centaur
Sano the Great Gnome
Santir the Mediocre Elf
Saor the Skilled Dwarf
Saragento the Survivor Reptilian
Sarastro . Human
Sarenrae the Great Dwarf
Sarkin Loves to Help Elf
Saro Demon
Sarrac the Great Gnome
Sarren the Beginner Troll
Sarrith - Scourge Lord Human
Sarthin the Beginner Human
Sasquatch the Furry Troll
Satit the Sorcerer Elf
Satsujin the Great Elf
Saturn . Gnome
Saurfang the Great Orc
Sauron Reptilian
Savvage Mono! Dwarf
Saxrex the Beginner Halfling
Scarpia Solitary Poor Nasty Brutish & Short Reptilian
Scathain the Great Reptilian
Scaylz the Mediocre Reptilian
Schwartz the Great Human
Scorpius del Sol Centaur
Scraggle the Skilled Faerie
Screek the Lucky Elf
Scrouds General, Arrogant Lawn Gnome Army Gnome
Scuba the Great Gnome
Scully the Laywoman Human
Scylla the Undead Warrior Reptilian
Scythe Black Spear Warrior Troll
Sdfhdzx the Beginner Troll
Sdjhfjsf the Beginner Centaur
Sealee the Beginner Troll
Sealy the Beginner Elf
Seaz . Gnome
Sebelino the Great Reptilian
Sebweg the Great Halfling
Segub the Lucky Goblin
Sehgee - Thunder Stallion Dwarf
Seitit the Skilled Gnome
Sekhemet - Wolf of the Dark Sands Reptilian
Sekhmet the Great Demon
Sektal the Beginner Troll
Seneka the Great Human
Senerith the Beginner Centaur
Sentos the Beginner Reptilian
Senyin the Striving Demon
Sephiroth The Fallen Human
Septra the Great Gnome
Seral the Beginner Elf
Serapion the Striving Reptilian
Seras Holedigger Reptilian
Serces the Beginner Demon
SerDemis the Striving Human
Serif the Great Reptilian
Serlon + Soul Terror Gnome
Setani the Keeper Demon
Setebos the Feeble Elf
Seuwaln the Mediocre Elf
Sevenfold - Forestalling Judgements Dwarf
Seyalas the Striving Elf
Shadeow the Amateur Halfling
Shadizar the Lucky Faerie
Shadorn the Amateur Elf
Shadowfax the Student Centaur
Shadowknight the Beginner Demon
ShadowQ the Eater of Heads Orc
Shadrach ... Dwarf
Shaena the Beginner Elf
Shail the Student Faerie
Shaitan the Amateur Dwarf
Shakarizad Angerbane - The Dark Wonder Gnome
Shakka the Great Troll
Shamgar the Great Goblin
Shammamishue the Lucky Demon
Shamms the Striving Human
Shamus the Survivor Goblin
Shane the Lucky Troll
Shanide the Lame Gnome
Shanna the Great Halfling
SHARKY the Great Human
Shary . Faerie
Shatpants the Beginner Troll
Sheera the Beginner Faerie
Shelon the Great Human
Shelton the Great Dwarf
Shennanigan the Mediocre Elf
Sheogorath the Beginner Human
Shi'ndrin the Layman Elf
Shikar Sha Li-Ma Goblin
Shiveria the Beginner Elf
Shivo the Amateur Reptilian
Shonin the Great Goblin
Shrag the Skilled Goblin
Shulk the Barbarian Troll
Shuren small cleric Human
Shuvo . Reptilian
Shyde the Great Elf
Siaberwoci Morz'etan Dwarf
Siafu the Beginner Human
Sicarius Blightfist Demon
Sidney the Amateur Human
Siela the Beginner Goblin
Sierra :) Elf
Sii the Great Goblin
Silvant the Beginner Gnome
SilverMist the Skilled Centaur
Silverwinged the Skilled Reptilian
Silverwings the Student Elf
Simeon the Survivor Orc
Sindarious the Beginner Demon
Siobhan the Great Troll
Sireen the Beginner Human
Sirius the Great Halfling
Siso the Beginner Troll
Sith the Great Troll
Sithe the Lucky Troll
Sithik the Beginner Human
Sjfghx the Beginner Troll
Skahg Hugger of Trees Human
Skahr the Great Troll
Skalli the Beginner Faerie
Skandal - Orcan Berserker Orc
Skaylz the Layman Reptilian
Skhar Face Troll
Skippy the Amateur Troll
Skittle the Lucky Human
Skizzik Skizzle Reptilian
Skolok Scumbeard - The Rotten Dwarf Dwarf
Skootch out of my way weakling. Reptilian
Skorpion the Mediocre Reptilian
Skoul hrmmm Elf
Skown Drell Dwarf
Skrag Shadow Stalker Troll
Skrank the Great Elf
Skratch the Striving Goblin
Skrimp the Survivor Goblin
Skumu the Beginner Human
Skydor the Survivor Dwarf
Skye . Dwarf
Skylar the Survivor Dwarf
Slabren Silteck Reptilian
Slade . Human
Slaeth the Skilled Demon
Slaine the Survivor Faerie
Slainte the Great Faerie
Slane the Beginner Demon
Slanther the Lucky Reptilian
Slaroth the Great Elf
Slaughterhouse the Beginner Demon
Slekt the Great Dwarf
Slerk the Great Reptilian
Slinker the Stinker Goblin
Slirk the Mediocre Reptilian
Slirrk the Mediocre Reptilian
Slizz the Survivor Reptilian
Sllyewl the Great Faerie
Sloop Row 2 Extraordinaire Elf
Sludge the Great Troll
Sluggsworth the Skilled Troll
Slusk the Great Elf
Slye the Great Reptilian
Slyly the Beginner Elf
Slynn the Skilled Dwarf
Smak the Survivor Halfling
Smasherz the Great Troll
Smegol - Night Blade Reptilian
Smerg Dross Reptilian
Smiler the Survivor Demon
SmohKe - Hands of Leverage Reptilian
Smush gud Troll
SnagaOhm the Student Human
Snaggle Tusk Troll
Snarghoof the Lucky Troll
Snargon the Slow Troll
Snarlkd the Striving Gnome
Snegtul the Striving Troll
Snoodle the Student Dwarf
Snook the Great Centaur
Snowman . Reptilian
SnowStorm . Dwarf
Snutwo the Striving Orc
Sobek . Reptilian
Sobus . Faerie
Socrates the Mediocre Troll
Sodalite the Striving Dwarf
Sodor the Skilled Troll
Soju the Survivor Dwarf
Solair the Survivor Elf
Solakis the Beginner Human
Solan the Great Dwarf
Soland . Human
Solanthus the Skilled Gnome
Solari . Reptilian
Soldari the Lucky Faerie
Sonya Lupus Umbra Troll
Souleater Demon
Soulscale the Mediocre Reptilian
Spabbage the Skilled Elf
Sparahawk the Student Demon
Sparkee - afk Goblin
Spectro the Great Demon
Spitfire Powered By Flames Troll
Splicket the Student Reptilian
Splort the Beginner Centaur
Splump the Beginner Troll
Spoooge the Beginner Centaur
Sprita - Seeker of Light Faerie
Sproken the Beginner Elf
Sprokie the Beginner Elf
Spurc the Great Dwarf
Spydy the Mediocre Dwarf
Spyne Tingling Human
SquidFace the Layman Demon
Squiggles The Wriggler Reptilian
Srk the Beginner Orc
Staralite the Striving Dwarf
Staras .... Gnome
Starfires the Amateur Troll
Starling Burgess: Shaman Gnome
Stasheff the Drunken Priest Dwarf
Staven the Great Faerie
Stephen Jurl Troll
Sterben the Beginner Goblin
Sterral the Lucky Centaur
Steven Deschain Dwarf
Stint the Great Faerie
Stoneheart the Beginner Demon
Stonka the Amateur Human
Stratus the Survivor Faerie
Strezz - Water Walker Reptilian
Strilker the Beginner Elf
Stroop the Lucky Human
Strumbolo the Survivor Elf
Stryker The Insane Human
Stultior quam Dirt Troll
StXavier the Survivor Human
Stymura the Great Demon
Subhuman . Demon
SubliminalSmurf the Shredder of Souls Demon
Sucoh Sucop Gnome
Suji the Lucky Elf
Sumac - Poisonous Sumac Reptilian
Sumak the Laywoman Reptilian
Sumeet the Beginner Human
Sundance sandstone Dwarf
Sungren Darkmetal Dwarf
Sunsea the Great Goblin
Supernaught the Hated Reptilian
Surgon the Great Troll
Surgro Knight of the Dragon Troll
Susana the Skilled Elf
Susobra the Beginner Demon
Suwazi the Great Reptilian
Suzin the Necromancer of Elip Demon
Suzina the apprentice of Schal Human
Swarthe the Student Demon
SweetDoom the Great Troll
Swtnes the Amateur Faerie
Syketuke Springfoot Halfling
Sylvanus the Beginner Elf
Sylves . Reptilian
Symi the Beginner Demon
Synapse the Beginner Human
Syngint Troll
Syntos the Beginner Demon
Syraethial the Beginner Elf
Syria Axis of Evil Gnome
Syril the Skilled Gnome
Syrus Stonelayer of the Kierbardin Klan Dwarf
Syzygy - Blood Spirit Dwarf
Tadg mac Nuadat Gnome
Tael the Fairy....Elf Elf
Taffy Troll
Taggart the Skilled Demon
Tahn the Great Orc
Tahon . Dwarf
Taithleach the Great Elf
TallEnough the short Troll
Talos the Lucky Goblin
Tamashi the Lucky Dwarf
Tanis the Lucky Human
Tankgirl the Mediocre Elf
Tankhar the Great Reptilian
Tannis the Amateur Human
Tanque the Immovable Orc
Tantivy the Striving Elf
Tapio the Great Elf
Taras Scalehorn Reptilian
Taren the Beginner Centaur
Tarjia the Survivor Demon
Tarla the Great Human
Taro the Mediocre Reptilian
Tarq Troll Troll
Tarquin the Lucky Halfling
Tarun the Beginner Elf
Tasslehoff Burrfoot Elf
Taulmaril the Beginner Elf
Taven the Striving Human
Taysir the Beginner Faerie
Tbone the Layman Centaur
Tbonereborn the Beginner Orc
Tear'r the Layman Elf
Teee the Skilled Troll
Teeple the Tyrant Dwarf
Tegne the easy-going Centaur
Tehstur the Great Elf
Teia . Dwarf
Teibidh the Death-Pro Human
Tejas the Great Reptilian
Telen Craggenhilt Orc
Telex the Amateur Reptilian
Telshun the Skilled Troll
Telsir the Beginner Reptilian
Tempus the superhuman Human
Temujin the Great Elf
Tenebrae the Beginner Human
Terex . Troll
Terik the Lucky Faerie
Terim the Beginner Centaur
Terry the Lucky Dwarf
Teshaghez Soulsmoosher Troll
Tessa - Ancient Queen of the Fae Faerie
TestAgent the Beginner Dwarf
Testchar the Beginner Reptilian
Tetrap the Great Faerie
Tetya the Survivor Dwarf
Teylos the Lucky Gnome
Thales Cryptwalker Dwarf
Thalik the Skilled Goblin
Thalony the Gnome Gnome
Thalor the Student Human
Thanatos . Dwarf
Thanos the Mad Titan Troll
Thantos . Gnome
Tharlock ' Human
Thawr the Beginner Troll
Thearma the Beginner Elf
Theodor the Beginner Troll
Theogar the Great Dwarf
ThePredator the Mediocre Reptilian
Theyla Lupus Umbra Human
Thiara the Beginner Troll
Thiseas the Lucky Dwarf
Thok - Lover. Fighter, Bachelor Orc
Thokk the Great Dwarf
Thomastheevil the Beginner Troll
Thoras the Beginner Troll
Thorask the Great Reptilian
Thorgrim the Great Dwarf
Thork the Great Goblin
Thornpicker Dirtybeard Dwarf
Thorodin IronFists Dwarf
Thorus the Skilled Dwarf
Thraknor slayer of gophers and boyscouts Human
Thranor Fireforge Dwarf
Thrantek the Survivor Goblin
Thrasher the Great Troll
Threepence the Skilled Halfling
Threlk the Beginner Dwarf
Threlkan the Beginner Human
Thrud Rock Troll
Thrudd Grimfate Dwarf
Thrunk - A - Lunk Troll
Thuril - Paladin Human
Thylar the Skilled Faerie
Thylor . Elf
Tiayeri the Great Gnome
TiBurcio the Beginner Elf
Tierk the Great Faerie
Tiffin the Survivor Human
Tika auntie Troll
Tillicum the Student Halfling
Timothy , typographer Human
Tinkerbell the Great Faerie
TinkTank the Survivor Faerie
Tinnamon the Beginner Elf
Tipps the Skilled Elf
Tirag the Skilled Troll
Titaniumjackal the Beginner Human
Titanticus the Beginner Orc
Titanum Arum the Corpse Troll
Titus the Skilled Human
Toadvine the Toad Vine Dwarf
Tobale the Beginner Elf
Tobes the Beginner Human
Tobey the Beginner Halfling
Tolcen the Troll Troll
Tolvenia . Reptilian
Tonk 90% Lover, 100% TROLL Troll
Tonka the Beginner Gnome
Toopy the Great Troll
Tootall the short Centaur
Toqua the Great Dwarf
Torak One-Eye Gnome
Toran the Great Centaur
Torax the Student Centaur
Tord Midgaardsorm Reptilian
Torg the Survivor Troll
Tork the Beginner Reptilian
Torminus the Skilled Troll
Tormul the Great Troll
Torog Hobbit Slayer Troll
Torquemada the Great Dwarf
Tosca the Diva Human
Totenkreuz - From Keebler Elf
Towoc the Striving Troll
Toyt the Lucky Demon
Tozier the Lucky Gnome
Tragn the Amateur Elf
Tragus the Dark Reptilian
Trake the Great Troll
Trakik the Great Orc
Trastan the Winged Faerie
Trax the Great Reptilian
Trenan the Great Reptilian
Trent - Rez of Nor Dwarf
Trepkos the Lucky Troll
Trevelyan Rohtledge Goblin
Trewq the Beginner Elf
Treyorn the Beginner Dwarf
Tricia the Beginner Dwarf
Troff the Beginner Dwarf
Trofficus the Beginner Human
Trogdor the Great Dwarf
Trollmage the Striving Troll
Trollmeat the Great Troll
Trolololololol - U mad bro? Troll
Trook the Great Halfling
Tropico the Beginner Centaur
Truckle the Survivor Dwarf
Truk Rekt Centaur
Trull - Thick Staff Troll
Trynam the Great Dwarf
Tsalia the Student Centaur
Tsavong the Student Elf
Tsumei the Beginner Elf
Ttocs the Great Faerie
Tuk the Survivor Troll
Tulhor the Ancient Troll
Tullson the Great Dwarf
Tulwar the Blade Troll
Tunk the Lucky Troll
Tuor Shadowstrike Reptilian
Turandot . Demon
Turgon the Vicious Reptilian
Turgosh the Great Troll
Tuufu Fore`u of Trojanwood Elf
Tweck the Beginner Gnome
Twinklerbell the Survivor Faerie
Twinky the Great Faerie
Twyla the Amateur Elf
Tybalt the Mediocre Human
Tyke . Gnome
Typhoon the Striving Elf
Tyrim the Beginner Dwarf
Tyuo the Beginner Orc
Tzig . Dwarf
Ublunt Herb Troll
Udong the Mediocre Human
Udun the Great Troll
Ugluck the Dumb Troll Troll
Ugluk of the Koru Clan Orc
Ugurz the Great Troll
Uhnlocke the Lucky Troll
Ukid the Great Demon
Ulden Manaflare Troll
Ulfeonar the Great Dwarf
Ulfnar the Great Dwarf
Ulgoth the Great Orc
UmmaGumma the Beginner Human
Umokil Da Troll Troll
Umro the great Centaur