The Worlds of Carnage have been around since near the beginning of mud time. Its code-base is rooted in the gamma version of the original DIKU source and it has stood the test of time by adapting to the changes in player attitudes and expectancy.

Carnage has enjoyed a history of fame and fortune. Many of the hardcore mud fans out there will remember that it spawned one of the first scripting systems, allowing the resident builders to easily add flavour to the mud inhabitants and contents.

Despite the original success, Carnage has also been plagued by a sizeable share of problems. Amongst these problems were constant relocation, server outages, bad connection routes and internal struggles for power amongst its immortals. Most of these issues have since been resolved; however, the glory that once existed is not so easy to resurrect.

Fast forward to present times and we see that Carnage once again basks in the glory of advanced concepts and goals. With a stable home, and an eye for new technology, the Worlds of Carnage are again reaching for the proverbial brass ring in the arena of textual MUDs. With an SQL backend for area and player management, XML based data structures, state-of-the-art embedded scripting engine (BlobbieScript), and a web-based world construction system -- unleash your imagination.

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