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Boon of the Wolf Spell

Mana Cost : 35                Target    : Self
Effect    : Improves vision and combat

With the Boon of the Wolf a shaman will deal slightly more damage and hit
a little more often. Additionally they gain infravision and better vision
in the dark.

See Also: Infravision

Choker Hold

With this skill a thief can use his stealthy abilities to walk
up behind a victim and wrap his arm around them quickly putting
the victim to sleep. this is a lagless skill for both parties
but could still be quite useful.


    choker <victim>


    choker <?= %randPlayer() ?> 

Clairvoyance Spell

Target    : victim or directionlist
Save      : If cast vs. target, negates
Effect    : A window to another location

This spell allows you to magically extend your awareness to view what is
happening at another location.  You can specify the location to be viewed
either as the location of another creature, or by specifying the direction
of the location from your current position.

Example 1:
To view the location of another creature
          cast 'clairvoyance' targetname

If the target fails their save, you will see the area he is in.

Example 2:
To view another room relative to your current room
          cast 'clairvoyance' directionlist

where "directionlist" is a combination of the letters N, E, S, W, U, D, for
north, east, south, west, up, and down.  For each letter, your magical sight
will extend in that direction.  To view the area two rooms to the south and
one room east of your current area, use sse.

The range of the spell increases with your level.

Conjure Orbs Spell

Mana Cost : 150                Target    : self
Save      : None
Effect    : Create a nice set of shiny balls.

When cast, this spell will conjure up several magical orbs that will encircle
the caster. At the mere point of a finger an orb will shoot forward hitting the
caster's foe and unleashing its magic. An orb is imbued with the power of one
of the four basic elements: earth, wind, fire, or water.


        point <victim>


        point <?= %randPlayer() ?>

See Also: Conjure Espirit

Cracking Skulls

After chopping off something's head you may find yourself wondering what
to do with the bloody head... Never fear, for feeding time is near. You can
use the crack command to throw the head against the ground and try to crack
it open. If successful you will be rewarded with a delicious mound of brains.
Perhaps not the most palatable fare for a human, but certainly tasty to
trolls, and a long time passion of roving mobs of zombies.

See Also: Decapitate

( creation )

Demons are a race born from the depths of Oblivion into the Worlds of Carnage.
They possess immense size and a sharp intellect with which to fool the minds
of men. They have good agility which enables them to steal more than just
souls, but unfortunately lack the strength and endurance of their larger hell
bound counterparts.

See Also: Races

( Faerie Fairy Fairies )
( creation )

Faeries are winged creatures, very intelligent, quiet, and dextrous. They
excel in all things arcane and pious, making powerful clerics and fell mages.
With their high dexterity they find it quite easy to evade their enemies,
though they lack the strength and endurance needed to sustain them in actual

See Also: Races

Hawk Scout

A ranger in the forest can use his/her close connection to the
wild to summon a hawk.  The hawk will then search the world
for the desired target.  It will then return to the ranger and
reveal information about the victim's location and party.  For
obvious reasons, the hawk cannot see underwater or indoors.  The
amount of information the hawk reveals is depend upon the
ranger's quality.


    hawk <victim>


    hawk <?= %randPlayer() ?> 

Illusion Spell
( illusions )

Mana Cost : 200                 Target    : object
Save      : None
Effect    : Creates an illusion around an item

The illusion spell allows the caster to create an illusion around an object making
it appear as another object. A limitation of the illusion is that it fails when the
item is observed in full view of a room (such as lying on the ground).


        cast 'illusion' <object>


        cast 'illusion' spork

Upon casting the spell, the caster will be prompted to concentrate on how the
illusion should look to a casual observer.


The success of a kick depends upon how well you are learned. The higher
level you reach the harder you kick. There is one small catch - whenever
you kick (or miss) you will be unable to type any command for three
rounds of 'Violence' - so be sure that you do not need to flee!


        kick <victim>


        kick <?= %randPlayer() ?>

Fighters See Also: Rescue, Bash, Combat