System Information

The Worlds of Carnage MUD server currently runs on a Virtual Machine with a respectable Intel i7-4930K with 64GiB of memory. The operating system of choice is CentOS. The server is connected to a MariaDB database server which enables it to easily share data with the website and with any other utilities (such as the MUDMail to email bridge daemon). Generally speaking the MUD engine consumes anywhere between 200 and 300 megabytes of memory at any given time depending on when the last reboot occurred. There is plenty of room for shrinking the memory footprint but since memory is cheap I almost exclusively lean towards speed over memory consumption. This is generally a LOT more memory than most MUD servers use... but then most MUD servers don't run on an XML backend templating system for object, room and mob creation. Additionally, since the machine is 64-bit that usually increases the memory footprint of all program considerably. Currently the server binary compiles to a hefty 14 megabytes with symbol table information intact, and pares down to a respectable 3.1 megabytes without symbol table information.

The following is a snapshot of the main source code folder listing. At last count there were over 200k lines of code.

For giggles, here's a peek at some code underlying the BlobbieScript function %getWorldPcs(). It's pretty straightforward :)