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Hornets on the move! [2004-09-09 22:30:09]
Upon seeing a huge swarm of giant hornets heading out of the kobold forest,
some brave adventurers have determined that they have moved their nest.
Investigations as to their where abouts have uncovered a swamp east of the
town of Elkin.  The nest can be found near this swamp.

These same adventurers have also blazed a new trail from this swamp to the fine town of Elondale.


New ranger skill: snare [2004-09-04 00:01:03]
See the help for "snare skill" for more details.


New Addition For Your Sailing Enjoyment! [2004-08-31 21:33:25]
Check your favorite local ocean going vessel for the latest craze in
open water entertainment!  And be sure to bring your pocketbook.


Changes and new Gouge Skill [2004-08-17 15:00:32]
There have been some changes to the way in which mobs work lately. To
compensate for the quality system and players being capable of qualities
beyond 100, mobiles have been given a quality bonus for their skills
commensurate with their power.                                      

Creatures in the world have had their sizes properly defined. This means
creatures you normally expect to be bigger WILL be bigger. This has an effect
on some physical attacks, most especialy headbutt at the moment. If a creature
is an order of magnitude bigger than yourself then headbutt will be less
effective. If the creature is two orders of magnitude bigger than you, then  
headbutt will fail. An exception to this rule is dwarves who can go 1 order of
magnitude bugger without seeing their headbutt effectiveness diminished, and  
two orders of magnitude bigger without consistent failure. Relating to sizes,
the shrink and grow spells have been updated to improve growth and shrinking.
Be warned that if you are too big you might not be able to fit some places.

I have added the gouge skill for thieves. Please bug any problems you have
with it.
The advanced recall and forest retreat spells now apply to your entire group.
For this reason their mana cost has been increased a little.

I've also fixed a crapload of bugs. I can't remember them all :)


Skill Prerequisites Updated [2004-08-09 22:30:32]
Players will notice that the prerequisites for skill shave changed. As
mentioned in a previous new entry, I have made it possible to get many more
skills if you have a minor dedication in the class. This now makes the skill
possibilities more in tune with what I had originally planned.

There were some skills that I had mixed feelings on and for now remain
dedicated only. They are as follows:

   advanced recall
   cure sickness
   feign death


Some news :) [2004-08-07 13:58:52]
The penalty for non-primary dedication skills ha sbeen reduced to 15% on the
quality of the skill. Additionally for those who have chosen their secondary
dedication to be the same as their primary, you are now awarded a 15% bonus
on the quality of your skills.

Something I was aware of but didn't completely look into, until now, is that
some skills are dedicated only, when my real intention was to just provide an
alternate set of prereqs but prevent shortcutting for other classes. A
solution will be worked out this week which will open up some currently
dedicated only skills to players of secondary dedication.

Last but not least I am looking for these players who contributed to the
testing process before the merge was launched. Please send me a mudmail
indicating which person you are:

   Kaervek         Mythos
   Walul           Damon
   Grael           Genesis
   Punkus          Gangrel
   Moira           Suwazi


A new age of enlightenment has swept the lands! [2004-08-06 00:34:01]
The citizens of the lands have taken it upon themselves to broaden their
horizons and learn new things!  Not only that, but many of them are willing to
show you their new found skills.  A majority of the spells and skills can be
learned on either the Cythera continent, or the Carnage continent, and from
several instructors on each.  A few have only one citizen skilled enough per
continent to teach a skill.  And fewer still can only be found on one
continent or the other, not both.

If you should have suggestions about further teacher improvements, leave an


Recent changes. [2004-07-19 11:22:07]
- Creatures in the game that are supposed to be friends will roll to stop
 fighting when engaged in combat against one another. The reason being that
 if someone suggested you to kill your friend the moment you realized it you
 would flee and try to stop the combat. Additionally the "suggest" spell was
 never intended t be a quest breaker by suggesting one bigass quest mob kill
 it's friend.

- The "detect evil" spell has been changed to "detect aura". A player affected
 by detect aura can determine evil, neutrality, and goodness.

- The "whois" command now supports partial names when it cannot find a match
 that is equal to the target name.

- Offensive spells and skills now have minimal lag when not yet involved in
 combat. This will nicely solve the pkill predicament.

- Removed restriction on retrieving items on ground belonging to another
 player. If I catch anyone dropping equipment, logging off, then picking it
 up with another char. Both characters will be deleted with no questions

- Added support for multiple special procedures for mobs, objects, rooms etc.
 Which means a mob can now both teach and run a shop -- like in Elip.

- Fixed bug with output filtering that caused the shitty windows default
 terminal to display crud. Apparently it REALLY needs that carriage return

- Many, many, many bug fixes... mostly in areas because of vnum renumberings.


Improved balance and polishing up. [2004-07-11 11:20:50]
Over the past week I have had numberous complaints about the slowness of
raising spell skills, the crappy damage from offensive spells, the extreme
toughness of mobs, poor regeneration in comparison to hps/mana, and of course
the the time it takes for the boat to show up :) This being the test launch
I am of course paying great attention to player gripes and i have made many
changes. The following have recently been changed:

   Recently Done

   - Experience form mobs is no longer determined by what the creator set it
     to, it is now dynamically calculated so that in general it is more

   - Top power mobs have been weakened considerably. Hopefully I won't hear
     too many more complaints about the cimmuran baker *heheh*.

   - Effective skill % for spell skills now gains twice as fast. Dual wield
     incidentally was already increased a bit, but it does require you
     successfully land a hit. So it will increase faster and fast the better
     it is.

   - Damage for offensive spells was reworked. The previous calculations had
     too much dependency on your power (experience) and so at low experience
     it generally did very little. Don't forget however, that the power of
     your spells is affected by both your skill % and relevant primary stats
     such as str, int, wis, etc.Additionally the "cause" series of spells no
     longer cap at 15, 25, and 35 damage respecitvely and instead have a
     higher damage capability dependent on experience.

   - Regeneration has been improved a bit. It is more noticeable at higher
     experience levels.

   - The boats have been sped up a bit between non Cythera stops. later I
     will probably add a second boat, but until then... DON'T MISS THE BOAT!

   - All spells and skills now have a teacher or are on a tome someplace.

   Still To Be Done Soon

   - Add any missing help files and update existing helps files to better
     reflect new system and changes to spells.

   - Create some new skills forst and foremost for warriors, paladins, black
     knight, and mages. Mages are currently a little bit screwed as they
     relate to questing.

   - Anything else that might come to mind.

Note that your suggestions are welcome, and while I may disagree or argue
against them I will continue to think on them (if they have any merit at all).
My general attitude is hard first and slowly make a little easier as the
complaints come in. This generally works better than make easy first and
slowly make harder as the complaints come in *grin*.


The Merge Has Finally Come [2004-07-03 00:21:59]
At last, after a year has passed and hundreds of hours of work the merge is
finally here. Not everything is yet polished, as probably evidenced by the
lack of help when creating your new character, but that will occur in the
near future. The system as many of you already know, is very different than
what came before. Some important things I suggest you get help on (and for
which help exists) are:

   classes             stat conversion
   skills              abort

I hope you enjoy the changes and the new gameplay. My goal is that it has
become much more challenging and interesting and has a good solid foundation
for future growth and enhancement without going through hell a second time :)