Extra Description Resolutions

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Extras are extra descriptoins that can be added to rooms and objects to provide more detail. For instance you might add an extra description for a sword's hilt that can be viewed when the player types "look hilt". The list below indicates valid resolutions and their descriptions. Each description is prefixed with either [G] gettable, [S] settable, or [G,S] gettable and settable. Resolutions are case sensitive.

General Information
Various information about the extra description.
@extra->uniqueId [G] The unique ID of the extra description entity.
@extra->owner [G] A pointer to the entity that owns the extra description.
@extra->ownerId [G] The ID of the entity that owns the extra description.
@extra->keywords [G,S] Keywords for the extra description (eg. hilt, crack, bars).
@extra->description [G,S] The actual description. This can include embedded scriptlets.