Your travels will lead you to far and away places, some civilized and some not. You will encounter hospitable cultures and at times you will stumble upon cultures that are not so tolerant of strangers. Below is an overview of some of the more hospitable cities and towns.

All new players start in Elkin, they will start out with the basic necessities for survival and a rough map of the area. The town and it's occupants are quite friendly; however, they don't have much taste for violence and the local police force are quite adept at doing their job. They strive to keep the peace. There are numerous shops in this small town, and the mayor is said to greet strangers with a firm handshake. Players out and about for a little rest and relaxation can stop by Felix's brothel, located in the northwest of town. Another highlight is the recruiting centre where the veteran adventurer can recruit some help to aid in questing. You might also want to search out the repair gnome, rumour has it he can fix even the most delicate of artifacts.

A fair sized city with lots of activity, Cimmura is home to a King, a bishop, and a legion of guards. Rumours speak of a secret kept hidden by the bishop and his followers. Players interested in killing one another should avoid this city since they have no tolerance for violence. Of interest are the Pandion guards, an organization of pious guardsmen known for their strength in battle. Cimmura also house a friendly blacksmith, whom many say has arms as thick as tree trunks.

Located to the south of the Cretan ocean, this city is alive with history and legend. Here you can visit King Minos, chat with Rhadamanthus the captain of the guard, or explore the labyrinth. The residents are said to be quite amicable, from the priests of Poseidon, to the city guards and Dave Lister's pub and inn comes highly recommended. While visiting you may as well stop by to see one of the wonders of the worlds... the Colossus of Crete. This magnificent statue is said to have been imbued with a life of its own.

Located to the west of the Cretan ocean, the occupants of this city are renowned for their dislike of the arcane. Stories tell of a feud between two sisters and a precarious balance of power. Despite the somewhat heavy atmosphere of Skurvash, it is still a pleasurable place to visit and a traveler can replenish their supplies.

Shayol Ghul
This is the troll city, better know as city of death for those not of trollish descent. A subterranean city embedded deep in the Lone Mountains, adventurers warn of a group of three trolls who guard the entrance to the city. There are few stories of these guards and those that have met them rarely return unscathed. Troll sources speak of a Dark Lord, a great being, believed to be of the troll line, that has subjugated the city's occupants and imbued his followers with great power.

A bustling city north of the Brinnz forest. The guards here take no bribes and the citizens live in peace. Gratien is a proud city known for its schools and quality of education. The citizens speak proudly of their kings, and sometimes, go on about his sword which they say is imbued with the power of lightning. The inns are cozy, and the food is good. When visiting be sure to check out the turkey farm.

A poetic city cast against the majestic setting of the Lone Mountain foothills. This city boasts exceptional trade, from canoes to potions,and sword to scrolls, there isn't much you won't find here. It may be true that there is a fair amount of squabbling between the divided factions of the city; however, the crisp clean mountain air more than makes for a worthwhile visit. Of special not is Kelbin's Apothecary, located in the north eastern area of Vhronia. Kelbin has been known to produce custom potions for the adventurer that brings him the right ingredients.

Grand Marnier
High in the eastern rises of the Lone Mountains is located the giant city of Grand Marnier. The giants are a hardy folk, though many are known to lift the occasional purse of an unwary traveler. Seek out Louven for supplies, especially when traveling through the nearby canyons that are filled with venomous creatures, he can give you a good deal on some potions. Be warned though, while the giants are tolerant of adventurers, their tolerance is short with those of little experience.

Northwest of the Forest of Mist lies the port of Latvia. Of interest here is the harbour which can grant an adventurer safe passage across the sea. Also for those with a strong stomach, rumour has it that something lies beneath the city in the sewers. Latvia is also home to Gillius Stoneblade, a rogue dwarf, with and attitude and a sharp axe. Whatever you do, don't loiter in his presence, and don't get him angry, his temper is razor thin.

Deep under the forest of mist there lies a maze of tunnels and caverns. Somewhere within the confusion can be found the goblin city Barak-Tor, land of King Yrch. Here the goblins do their thing, with the aid of their halfling slaves. To this end, halflings and goblins have safe passage within the city, while all other races are challenged at the gates. Goblin informants speak of dark magics for sale at the local magic store.