Exotic places are scattered through the Worlds of Carnage. From the twisted paths of Brinnz to the less tangible realm of the Astral Planes, adventurers are confronted with new challenges wherever they travel. The following descriptions are but a small subset of the mystery and excitement awaiting the avid explorer down the path less trodden.

These woods are alive with creatures, not all of which are friendly. At the entrance a warning sounds to guard against falling asleep amongst the trees. Secrets lie undisturbed amongst the branches and undergrowth of this dark place. Zombie creatures walk the path their living bodies once knew, and a ghostly battle scene replays in the darkness.

Deep in the heart of the Lone Mountains beyond the city of trolls, lies the area known as Glorinsdel. These endless caverns are populated with trolls, orcs, ogres and many other less than hospitable residents. With so much evil to dispatch, the heroic adventurer will find much to do and gain great pleasure in ridding the world of these scum.

Gamesmaster's Mansion
The gentle breeze surrounding this strange mansion brings subtle sobs to an adventurer's ears. A maiden held captive by a master puppeteer, sadly awaits her rescue while her father pleads for her return from outside. Puppets with contorted grins welcome adventurers with open arms, and a whisper echoes through the rooms about something hidden in the basement.

Forest of Mist
A dense forest enshrouded by a perpetual mist provides homeland to two factions of rival elves. Thindron, king of the dark elves makes war against Fenlas, leader of the high elves. A long standing war for control of the forest with no end in sight. Rumour speaks of a dragon in the Thindrons halls while other rumours speak of a great necromancer residing in some catacombs kept hidden by the the mist and trees.

Bandit Enclave
Travelers speak of a camp of bandits somewhere east of the town of Wikam. The bandits reportedly pillage treasure from the surrounding inhabitants and give it to their priest as an offering to their deity Proidan. It is said that members of the camp wear a red arm-band and that visitors are challenged at the camp entrance.

Hornet Nest
Giant hornets swarm to the north of the Bloodwoods. A great Queen surveys her lands from within her hive set high upon a great tree overlooking the world. Very little is known about the hive and its mistress, but the coutryfolk speak of missing cattle and livestock. Of greater concern though are the stories of increased hornet activity. Many of the surrounding farms have been abandoned and an eerie silence hangs in the air.