There are many races that thrive in the lands. Many are hospitable, even more are not. You will encounter most during your adventuring and will gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses. That said, there are a limited number of races to choose from when you create your character. These are listed below.

Humans are typically 6 feet tall and 180 lbs, rarely clumsy or stupid. They are the most diverse race in the world, able to learn any set of skills to a very high degree; however, it is uncommon to meet a human fighter as strong as a troll, or a human mage as adept in the arts as a gnome.

Elves are taller and slimmer than humans. Typically forest creatures, they are more coordinated and more in tune with nature than most other races. Their reliance on these attributes limit their ability to be excellent mages or powerful fighters. It is more common to find elves who have partially mastered a combination of skills, such as fighter-clerics, or fighter-thieves. All elves, due to their magical heritage, possess the ability to see what is invisible.

Dwarves are shorter and stockier than Humans. Typically hearty and adventuresome, and very stubborn -- they make the toughest of fighters. They are often skilled in combat and have a great affinity for their deities. Due to their strong spiritual connection they are often proficient at healing and protection. It is very common to meet fighters and fighter-clerics. Since dwarves are, for the most part, mountain folk who spend much of their time in complete and utter darkness, they have over time developed the ability to see other creatures in the dark.

Halflings are shorter and weaker than Humans. They are typically cute and very pleasant company though not very adventurous or tough. They are studious though, and often well versed in the arcane arts or the healing magics. Halflings are also very coordinated, and are able to dodge attacks in combat often. Their most notable characteristic is their affinity for trinkets, and gold and it is with a wry grin I must warn you to watch your pockets when around these charismatic folk.

Gnomes are as short as halflings, and even weaker. They are typically brilliant minds, adept at the arcane arts. However, they are not very tough and are not as coordinated as other races. Still it is not uncommon to see gnomish thieves. Their increased intellect allows them to learn more about the world as they gain experience and are able to naturally discern that an artifact has magical properties.

The ugliest and most stupid of all races, trolls make the strongest and most determined fighters around. Typically they are an evil race, based out of their underground sanctuary of Shayol Ghul. Trolls are very clumsy and rarely have the intellect to learn the arcane. Furthermore, they seldom have a concept of religion and are more than likely to follow the strongest leader. Trolls are known to recover from battle at an unrivaled pace, and they also possess the ability to detect creatures in the absence of light.

Goblins are short, crafty, and cowardly. They often hide in the shadows, afraid of the bigger races, but the more determined goblins come above the earth. Goblins, because of their coordination, make excellent thieves, but little else. Goblins are able to quickly flee from the most absorbing of fights, and rarely lose confidence when doing so. Like many of the other dark dwelling races, goblins have developed the ability to see creatures in the dark.

Tall, strong, ugly, and stupid, orcs resemble trolls in many characteristics. It would wrong however to think of the two as the same. Orcs are uncoordinated and stupid, but given enough determination, shamans, thieves and mages are not unheard of in the lands. While they will never be a match for Elves or Gnomes in those disciplines, they may learn enough to be competent.

Reptilians are often mistaken for humans at first glance. Upon closer inspection however, their reptilian skin reveals their true nature. Reptilians are generally taller, tougher and more agile than humans; however, while not stupid, they are not as intelligent or wise as humans. Reptilians can quite easily learn the arcane and spiritual skills and make quite good fighters due to their added strength and dexterity. These thick skinned creatures have the ability to breathe underwater and their skin thickens with age which provides them with added protection over time.

A cross between a human and a horse, they have exceptional mobility and can traverse great distances without tiring. Having the best of both races, they are also quite strong and are able to carry a great deal of weight. Due to their powerful legs they are able to inflict additional damage with their feet; however, they are not able to wear common footwear.