A myth here, a legend there, the lands are full of tales of situation and circumstance to set right, or wrong, depending on your perspective. With a horde of villains and just as many heroes, adventurers will have a hard time keeping the world in a state of balance.

The benevolent will find themselves matched against a legion of villains and monster of dire and evil intent. The task of these ulterior adventurers is fraught with hardship, but the rewards are many, and allies can be found at almost every turn.

On the other hand, those who bend their mind to a darker purpose will find opportunity knocking from all directions. With a veritable army of good samaritans to subdue, even the most powerful of twisted masterminds will be kept busy quashing the will of those who would challenge their plans.

If this doesn't appeal to you, or perhaps you think you've mastered all there is to know, then maybe it's time to align yourself with a guild. Guilded adventurers enjoy some benefits not available to the general population; however, this comes at a price since they must always keep their back protected. A guilded adventurer devotes their life to a cause, and by doing so bring upon themselves the hatred of any rival guild members.

While there are benefits to being guilded, such as improved regeneration, a stockpile of equipment gathered by fellow guild members, and quicker accumulation of experience, there are also downsides. Oft is the occasion when an unwary guilded is murdered in their sleep and their equipment and on-hand gold stolen. Despite such risk, guilded adventurers will find that their kind are revered above all others in the Worlds of Carnage. Their life is perilous and they prove their worth amongst the best of the best.