Immortals spend their time catering to new players and providing feedback to the implementors and builders. Immortals help to keep the MUD running in a state of equilibrium by ensuring that the needs of the players are met, and that the rules of gameplay are followed. It is quite common for immortals to also have membership in one of the other contribution categories.

Blobbie (aka Blobule)
Blobbie oversees much of the day to day transgressions and watches for bugs and player dissatisfaction. When new ideas are tabled, Blobbie delegates much of the decision making to the other immortals and players. In this way the political atmosphere of the Worlds of Carnage is much like that of a democracy, and almost everyone can lend their input to the final decision. Unfortunately, there are times when the grand vision is at odds with the players or other immortals, and since it is sometimes difficult for others to see the greater picture since they see the world primarily from the inside, Blobbie does sometimes assume the role of benevolent dictator.

Pazam is the point man for new players and new builders alike. If you've just logged into the Worlds of Carnage for the first time, then you may want help getting started. It is commonplace for Pazam to take some time out of his busy schedule and help new players get acquainted with the games commands and differences from other MUDs. Additionally, Pazam has years of experience both as a player on Carnage and as an Immortal, and this experience provides him with a wealth of insight into the balance of the game and construction of new areas. If you are having trouble creating an area then Pazam can probably answer your questions.