Implementors are responsible for improving the codebase for the Worlds of Carnage. This mandate involves improving the MUD code at various level. Some such activites include: writing a scripting engine, redesigning the skill system, adding new spells, integrating XML and SQL.

Blobbie (aka Blobule)
Blobbie is responsible for all of the new and improved code that goes into the Worlds of Carnage code base. With a bachelor's degree in computer science from Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), Blobbie has been able to draw upon his learning and experience to refactor the DIKU engine into something that few people dreamt to be possible. His repertoire of changes include such things as:
  • Conversion of player files to an XML format
  • Rewrite of the board and mailing system
  • Mud mail to email bridge
  • Conversion of all area data to an XML format
  • Connection to various data sources via a MySQL backend
  • Web based area builder with in game synchronization
  • Design and implementation of BlobbieScript