This is the list of contributors from the past. Each of these people at some point in the history of the Worlds of Carnage had a hand in its progression. Thanks to each of them for helping to make Carnage what it is today. If you should be on this list please get in touch with Blobbie.

Worlds of Carnage
Aidoneus, Argos, Armitage, BadMood, Brack, Buffett, Byrm, Corlath, Daybreak, DevilDoll, Dimwit, EarthShaker, Galimatazo, Gilgamesh, Heretic, Imrahil, Jendril, Lace, Lysander, Meeks, Milton, Mulan, Nystul, Panamon, Phred, Portia, Punisher, Quan, Rand, Rhetoric, Sang, Satin, Schlecht, Skorn, Spirogyra, Squirt, Tyree, Vapor, Wodan, Wren, Zamadhi, Zamira, Zheng

Abaddon, Anvea, Banzai, Barak, Cassandra, Dirs, Dyron, Firestar, Guyute, Kodee, Lilith, Lyra, Masy, McCleve, Mryddin, Nighthawk, Wrath