Response Typescript
EntitiesRooms, Mobiles, Objects

    This trigger fires when a mobile is just about to die and can be caught by
the room in which they die or by any mobiles or objects present in the

@n, @attacker - The attacker, if any, that killed the mob.

@t, @victim - The mob that has died, just before he is purged and
before any catch_death_act is called.

@x, @victimName - The name of the mobile that died.

@deathType - The manner of death occurring.

Unlike the catch_death_act trigger this particular trigger allows for you
to save the victim if your script is so inclined. To save the victim you
MUST return the value 1. Anything else will assume the mobile was not
saved (although any other preempt_death_act may still save the mobile. If
your script does save the mobile then any other queued preempt_death_acts
will not run. Even though you return 1 you will probably want to udpate
the mobile's position and hitpoints. If the mobile is still in the "dead"
position after returning 1, then the position will automatically be
updated to mortally wounded.

The type of death occuring can be determined by the value of @deathType.
So far the following values exist:

airLack - this occurs when the mobile drowns

damage - this generally occurs in combat

deathtrap - sucker hit a deathtrap

fall - this occurs when fly wear off

gladiator - gladiator mode death

noPenalty - no panalty death (noobs usually)

pkill - killed by another player

rebirth - player has enabled rebirth

slay - npcslay or one of the other slay commands

sunlight - this occurs when vampires get roasted in the sun

waterLack - this occurs when a waterOnly mobile is out of water