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EntitiesRooms, Mobiles, Objects

    This trigger will fire when a mobile attempts to relocate via some in game
feature such as the teleport, gate, or summon spells. The trigger will
fire for both the source room and for the destination room. If the
relocation is not allowed then the script should return false. If the
relocation is allowed then the script can either return true to proceed as
normal, or may return the ID of another room to which the relocation
should be redirected. In the event of a redirection, the checks for
relocation will NOT be run again. The @mode variable will indicate to the
script whether the check is being performed for exit or for entry.

@actor - The mobile that is being relocated.

@type - The type of relocation (teleport, summon, gate, etc.)

@mode - The mode of the relocation (exit, enter)

@fromRoom - The ID of the source room.

@toRoom - The ID of the destination room.