Response Typescript
EntitiesRooms, Mobiles, Objects

    This trigger will fire when an entity attempts to open a door or container.
If the script deems that entity cannot open the door then it should present
a message and return false. Since a return value is required, it is
important to wrap the script in a protected block to ensure it runs to
completion. The following variables are of interest for this trigger:

@actor - A pointer to the entity that is trying to open the door.

@target - A pointer to the target of the open action. This may be an
exit or an item.

@direction - If the @target is an exit, then this will be set to the
direction of the exit with respect to the room.

@tool - A pointer to an object that aided in the open action. For
instance when using a key to open a door, then this would be
a pointer to the associated key item.

Your script must return a 1 or a 0 (or equivalent). Any value that does
not evaluate to true, will prevent the @actor from completing the open