Response Typescript

    This trigger will fire when a mobile removes the object.

@n, @actor - The mobile that removed the object.

@o, @item - The object that the mobile has removed.

@x, @locationId - The ID of the equipment slot from which the
item has been removed.

@mode - the mode in which the item is being removed.

The following values are possible for the @mode parameter:

"remove" - The item is being removed normally.

"consumed" - The item is being removed having been consumed. This
happens for potions when quaffed, scrolls when recited,
tomes when studied, etc, etc.

"fumble" - The item is being remove via a fumble such as might
happen for a failed draw attempt or the fumble spell.

"weakness" - The player's strength has dropped below what is
required to wield or hold the item.

"draw" - The item is being removed to be replaced by a newly
drawn weapon.

"steal" - The item is being removed by a thief stealing it.

null - Blobbie probably forgot to set a mode :B