Response Typescript

    This trigger will fire for an object when something attempts to "get" it.
This trigger has a lot of hidden purpose since it fires for many different
types of "get".

@n - The mobile that is "getting" the object.

@o - The object that the mobile is "getting".

@x - The type of get being performed.

The values for @x are listed below since there are so many different
values and they are very important for deciding how to handle the trigger.


The item is being bought from a shop by the mobile.


The item is being moved from a containing object. Specifically this
fires when the object is moved from a container with the "moveobj"
command or when the containing object expires and the object
automatically moves to another container owned by the mobile or to the
mobiles inventory itself.


The mobile is getting the object from a container they are carrying.


The mobile is getting the object from a container in the room.


The mobile is getting the object by being given it by another mobile.


The object has been newly loaded and assigned to the mobile. This
happens when an immortal loads an object, or when a player enters the
game and is carrying or is equipped with such an object, or when a
zone is loaded and a mobile is to be equipped with the item.


The mobile is getting the object from their current room.


The mobile has stolen the object from another mobile.