Response Typescript
EntitiesRooms, Mobiles, Objects

    This trigger will fire when a mobile exits a room. The parameters may be
set to a list of directions in which the mobile is travelling that will
cause the trigger to fire. If no direction parameters are set then all
directions are considered to cause the trigger to fire. You may also set a
"no" parameter for mobiles which stop the trigger from firing if the
script owner cannot see the mobile. Additionally a "fastTrigger" parameter
may be set which allows the script to catch the entry before the
travelling mobile has had a chance to "look" at the room.

@n - The mobile that exitted the room.

@o - The same as @i if the trigger owner is an object.

@direction - One of north, south, east, west, up, or down

@fromRoom - The room in which the player started.

@toRoom - The room in which the player will end.

If you want to change the destination of the mobile then you can return
the ID of the room to which you want the mobile to end up. For this to
work properly you will need to have enabled the fastTrigger option.


// Redirect the mobile to one of 10 random rooms.

return 115600 + 1d10