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    This trigger will fire when an entity successfully completes an close
action on a door or container. The trigger is called after the state of
the door or container has been updated, and after a notification has been
sent to the entity (if it was a mobile). This should not be used to try
and prevent the action (use the check_can_close_door trigger instead). The
following variables are of interest for this trigger:

@actor - A pointer to the entity that is trying to close the door.

@target - A pointer to the target of the close action. This may be an
exit or an item.

@direction - If the @target is an exit, then this will be set to the
direction of the exit with respect to the room.

@tool - A pointer to an object that aided in the close action. For
instance when using a key to open a door, then this would
be a pointer to the associated key item.