Aliases%stringFormat( )
Parametersstring @text, bool @withColour, integer @width

    Formats and returns the given @text, optionally with colour when
@withColour is set to a value that evaluates to true, and wrapped at the
given @width.

The following tags can be used in the content of @text to provide extra
formatting information to the engine:

<normal> - return colouring to normal screen defaults
<bold> - enable high intensity for colours
<black> - black (dark gray when bold enabled)
<red> - red (bright red when bold enabled)
<green> - green (bright green when bold enabled)
<brown> - brown (yellow when bold enabled)
<blue> - blue (bright blue when bold enabled)
<magenta> - magenta (bright magenta when bold enabled)
<cyan> - cyan (bright cyan when bold enabled)
<gray> - gray (white when bold enabled)
<blackBg> - black background
<redBg> - red background
<greenBg> - green background
<brownBg> - brown background
<blueBg> - blue background
<magentaBg> - magenta background
<cyanBg> - cyan background
<grayBg> - gray background
<newLine> - force a newline
<space> - force a space
<art> - content between two <art> tags is not formatted

Additionally the following caveats are applied when formatting the text:

- Colour tags take up no space (includes normal and bold).

- Newlines are ignored unless the following line is indented, or a
second newline is encountered.

- Lines that are indented but which are too long will wrap without

- Single tokens that do not fit on current line are wrapped to next
line or if they do not fit on a newline of their own then the token
is split.

- Tokens are gathered from sequential characters not including a


@text =
\ %stringFormat(
\ %areaGetStat( elkin, comments ), @n->flags->ansiColour, 80 )