Aliases%spellRoutineMobsTargets( )

    This function has specific usefulness within a BlobbieScript used to
implement a spell. The function makes particular use of variables
pre-defined for spell BlobbieScripts and is provided to mimic behaviour
present in the MUD's C source code as provided via #defined MACROS.

This function is used to generate a list of @targets for a spell. If
@targets is already defined then it will not try to retrieve them using
standard methods (pre-defined @targets serves as an override). When
generating a list of targets the function will take into consideration
the value of the given @areaTargetType, the source of the spell (cast,
staff, potion, etc), the area effect of the spell (single target,
area), and the invoker of the spell (mobile, object, room). The
function will then retrieve the appropriate list of items in the room
as perceivable by the invoker. If no targets are found then the spell
will output the standard "Who will be your target?" and either
terminate the script or jump execution to a defined "spellComplete"
jump label. The specific items are determined via the following
targetting range as might be used for the
%getTargets() function: "r[m]".

The following values are supported for @areaTargetType:


If the value of @areaTargetType is unrecognized then it will default to
the behaviour of "room".



Wrong Example:

@targets = %spellRoutineMobsTargets();