Aliases%skillGetQuality( )
Parametersmobile @target, mixed @skill

    This function will return the @target's quality value for the given
@skill. The quality can then be used to determine whether they succeed at
some action or how well they succeed at some action (duration, power,
etc). The @target may be a text pointer or keyword. The @skill may either
be the name of the skill or the ID of a skill.


@quality = %skillGetQuality( @n, "lich touch" )

if( 1d(101 MAX (@quality + 5)) < @quality )
\ "When you place your withered hands into the river you can feel "
\ "the life of it's inhabitants slowly being absorbed. Dead fish "
\ "begin float down the river and still you continue to draw life "
\ "from the river.", @n )

wait 5 secs

// Something cool that could be part of a quest.