Aliases%doQueued( )
Parametersmixed @sourcePointer, string @command [, array @options]

    Runs the given @command string through the MUD's interpreter as though the
@sourcePointer entity had issued the command directly. Unlike
%fastCommand(), any issued command will be accompanied by its usual delay
features. For the most part you will want this function, it is the proper
way to pass a command back through the MUD if some criteria was not met.
The options array allows you to specify some flags for how the command is
treated by the MUD's ineterpreter. The following flags may be set.

- Prevent command from being caught by special procedures. The default
for this option is to ALLOW specials procedures.

- Prevent trigger from catching command and running a BlobbieScript.
The default for this option is to NOT IGNORE overrides. If you are
actually handling the command but still want the normal
functionality to run then set this to true, if however you are not
handling the command and want other entities to have a chance at it,
then either omit this or set it to false.

- Ensures the actor doesn't say "Yes, sir!". The default value is to
allow it to be said. I don't really recall why this flag exists but
I'm sure it has a purpose.

- If the command is being run in the midst of another command that is
an action command (hunt, cast, kick, etc.) then this will prevent
the running command from being aborted.

- This is the same as the delayAppend flag.

- Instead of running the command immediately it is placed at the
beginning of the @actor's command queue and so will run as soon as
the current command completes.

- Instead of running the command immediately it is placed in the
@actor's command queue and run when all previous commands have

- Some trigger's force the @actor to view the contents of a room, when
this happen the user will not double view the room because
internally this state is tracked. However, at times this is not the
desired affect, for instance your @actor might have just been
teleported by your script and so you want to ensure he views the
contents of his new destination room. In such cases you will set
this flag.


%doQueued( @n, "look in backpack" )


@opts->forceLook = true
%do( @n, "look", @opts )