Aliases%roomSetStat( ), %roomSetStat( )
Parametersroom @entity, string @statName, mixed @newValue

    Sets the value for a given statName that belongs to the room. The entity
may be "here" or room vnum. The statName may be any one of the following
stat IDs:

level - level of room (for casting)
terraintype - type of terrain (inside, mountain, air, ...)
terraintypeid - id of terrain type (deprecated)
sizetype - type of room size (micro, tiny, enormous, ...)
sizetypeid - is of size type (deprecated)
name - name (or title if you will) of room
description - room description when looking

See %roomGetStat() documentation for terrain and size types.


if( @pulledLever )
echoto char @n Your foolish act has caused the room to begin
\ filling with water!

%roomSetStat( here, terraintype, underwater )