Aliases%roomGetStat( ), %roomGetStat( )
Parametersroom @entity, string @statName

    Returns the value for a given statName that belongs to the room. The
entity may be "here" or a room vnum. The statName may be any one of the
following stat IDs:

id - vnum of room
uniqueid - unique ID of room
zoneid - zone to which room belongs
areaid - area to which room belongs
level - level of room (for casting)
terraintype - type of terrain (inside, mountain, air, ...)
terraintypeid - id of terrain type (deprecated)
sizetype - type of room size (micro, tiny, enormous, ...)
sizetypeid - is of size type (deprecated)
name - name (or title if you will) of room
description - room description when looking
lights - number of light sources in room

exitnorth - pointer to north exit
exiteast - pointer to east exit
exitsouth - pointer to south exit
exitwest - pointer to west exit
exitup - pointer to up exit
exitdown - pointer to down exit

The following terrain types are recognized:

inside - bedroom, living room, tunnel, ...
city - cobblestone road, path, ...
field - flowers, grass, ...
forest - trees everywhere
hills - rolling hills with rounded tops
mountain - steep hills often with pointy tops
swimWater - water through which you can walk
noSwimWater - water for which you will need a boat
underwater - glug, glug, for the fishes
desert - extremely dry area, maybe with sand
air - flap, flap... see Icarus

The following size types are recognized:

micro - bugs and stuff can go here
tiny - mice, voles, and faeries
small - halflings
medium - humans
large - dumb trolls
huge - dragons
enormous - whatever

The following flag types are recognized and return 1 or 0:

isdark - is the room currently dark?
islight - is the room currently not dark?
isdeathtrap - is the room a deathtrap?
isnomobs - does the room allow mobiles?
isinside - is the room considered inside?
isindoors - alias for isinside.
isnoaggro - are mobiles allowed to be aggressive?
isgladiator - is killing in the room considered gladiatorial?
isfreedeath - is a death in this room a free death?
isnomagic - is magic disallowed in this room?
istunnel - is the room considered to be a tunnel?
isprivate - is the room considered private? (2 chars max)
isnosummon - can a mobile or player be summoned to the room?
isshop - is the room a shop?
islawful - not supported yet!
isneutral - not supported yet!
ischaotic - not supported yet!


if( %roomGetStat( here, terraintype ) == mountain )
echoto char @n The mountainous terrain makes for tiring travel.