Parametersmixed @entity, integer @radius, mixed @flags

    This function returns an array of room pointers for rooms that are found
within the requested @radius of the @source. The @source may be the ID of
a room or a pointer to a room, mobile, or item. Flags may be set to
determine specific rules for room traversal. For instance, by default the
room of origin is NOT included but this can be changed by setting the
"includeOrigin" flag. Following is a list of currently supported flags:

includeOrigin - include the origin room in the results
allowNoDirection - traverse exits flagged as noDirection
allowSecret - traverse exits flagged as secret
allowClosed - traverse closed doors
allowDeathtrap - include deathtrap rooms


// Teleport mob to a random room within a 5 room radius of a target.

@flags = %array( includeOrigin, allowClosed )
@rooms = %roomGetRadiusRooms( @victim, 5, @flags )

if( @rooms )
@destination = %arrayShuffle( @rooms )->1

%nact( "$n suddenly disappears.",
\ 1, @n, null, null, skipActor );

%move( @n, @destination )

%nact( "$n suddenly arrives.",
\ 1, @n, null, null, skipActor )

%do( @n, "look" )