Aliases%noteSetStat( )
Parametersobject @entity, string @statName, mixed @value

    Sets the value for a given statName that belongs to the note object.  The
entity may be an object pointer or object keyword. The statName may be any
one of the following stat IDs:



@burpScript =
\ "while( 1 ) \n"
\ "{ \n"
\ " silentforce @n burp \n"
\ " wait 20 + 1d120 secs \n"
\ "} \n"
\ "endwhile \n"

// Load a note object into an arbitrary room and set it's content. In
// this case the content is a script... just for giggles and kicks.
@note = %load( object, 601, 24001 )
%noteSetStat( @note, content, @burpScript )

// Now we evaluate the note onto a player but keep the room as the
// owner so that renting doesn't clear it *heheh*. The actorChar is
// the player which the script will see as @n.
eval -note @note -ownerRoom 24001 -actorChar Jabberwocky

// Purge the note since we don't need it anymore.
%purge( @note )