Aliases%mobSetStat( ), %mobSetStat( ), %mobSetStat( )
Parameterscharacter @entity, string @statName, mixed @value

    Sets the value for a given statName that belongs to the character. The
entity may be a character pointer or charcter keyword. The statName may be
any one of the following stat IDs:

keywords shortDescription longDescription


strength realStrength hitpoints
strengthBonus realStrengthBonus mana
intelligence realIntelligence moves
wisdom realWisdom
dexterity realDexterity maxHitpoints
constitution realConstitution maxMana
charisma realCharisma maxMoves

hitrollBonus practices drunk saveParalyze
damageBonus wimpy hunger saveRod
thac0 height thirst savePetrify
alignment weight saveBreath
gold hometown saveSpell
bank experience
level npcgroup

*** Please note that many of these stats will log a message when used on
a PC. The log message will indicate the area, entity, script, stat
being set, target player, and new value. Do not use inappropriately.


%mobSetStat( @n, thirst, 75 )