Aliases%mobGetStat( ), %mobGetStat( ), %mobGetStat( )
Parameterscharacter @entity, string @statName

    Returns the value for a given statName that belongs to the character. The
entity may be a character pointer or character keyword. The statName may
be any one of the following stat IDs:

areaId keywords
id shortDescription
uniqueId longDescription
startRoomId realName (not disguise)

strength realStrength hitpoints
strengthBonus realStrengthBonus mana
intelligence realIntelligence moves
wisdom realWisdom
dexterity realDexterity maxHitpoints
constitution realConstitution maxMana
charisma realCharisma maxMoves

hitrollBonus practices drunk saveParalyze
damageBonus wimpy hunger saveRod
thac0 height thirst savePetrify
alignment weight saveBreath
gold saveSpell
bank experience
level npcgroup

The following keywords still work but are deprecated:

str real_str bankgold dam_bonus
exstr real_exstr damroll
int real_int mana
wis real_wis move hit_bonus
dex real_dex max_hp hitroll
con real_con max_mana
chr real_chr max_move


@gold = %mobGetStat( @n, gold )
@bank = %mobGetStat( @n, bank )

@bank += @gold
@gold = 0

%mobSetStat( @n, gold, @gold )
%mobSetStat( @n, bank, @bank )