Aliases%load( )
Parametersstring @type, integer @id, mixed @entity [, mixed @wearName]

    Loads an entity of the given @type and @id onto the target @entity,
optionally into an equipment position defined by wearName. The value of
the type parameter must be one of the following:


The target may be a pointer to a character, a pointer to a container
object, a pointer to a room, or a room number. You CANNOT use keywords for
the target entity, if you feel the need to use a keyword, then use
%getRoomPointer( keyword ), %getItemPointer( keyword ), or
%getMobPointer( keyword ) to get a pointer. If the target is a
pointer to a character then you may optionally supply a fourth parameter
for a wear location. You may use the ID of the wear location or one of the
following keywords:

light legs rightWrist
leftFinger feet rWrist
lFinger hands wield
rightFinger arms wielded
rFinger shield wielding
neck1 about hold
neck2 waist held
body leftWrist
head lWrist affects


// Load object to inventory and save pointer to new object.
@helmet = %load( object, 12604, @n )

// Load object to equipment and save pointer to new object.
@helmet = %load( object, 12604, @n, head )

// Load object to elkin fountain room.
@helmet = %load( object, 12604, 115611 )

// Load object to a container denoted by @o (maybe a chest).
@helmet = %load( object, 12604, @o )

// Load Felix the pimp to elkin fountain room.
%load( mobile, 19005, 115611 )

// Load up a pile of 50000 gold coins at the elkin fountain.
%load( money, 50000, 115611 )

// Load a new extra description at the elkin fountain.
%load( extra, "crack", "Water leaks from a crack.", 115611 )

Loading exits are somewhat different than objects or mobiles. The
parameter format for exits is as follows:

string type, string direction, integer fromRoom, integer toRoom


// Load an upward exit in the Elkin inn which goes to the
// Elkin post office.
@source = 115643
@target = 115636
%load( exit, up, @source, @target )