Aliases%kill( )
Parametersentity @source, mobile @target, string @deathType = other, boolean @preemptable = 1

    Immediately kills the @target and performs usual death related activity
such as corpse creation, death scream, and experience penalty. The @source
may be null or a pointer to the thing responsible for the death. If the
@preemptable parameter evaluates to true (default behaviour) then scripts
in the room will have a chance to preempt the death of the @target and
possibly save it from death. If death fails then 0 is returned. If the
death is successful then a pointer to the corpse is returned or, if no
corpse (summoned creatures), then 1 is returned. The @deathType value
should be set to the type of death. The following are currently supported
death types:

airLack - this occurs when the mobile drowns

damage - this generally occurs in combat

deathtrap - sucker hit a deathtrap

fall - this occurs when fly wear off

gladiator - gladiator mode death

noPenalty - no panalty death (noobs usually)

pkill - killed by another player

rebirth - player has enabled rebirth

slay - npcslay or one of the other slay commands

sunlight - this occurs when vampires get roasted in the sun

waterLack - this occurs when a waterOnly mobile is out of water

You are not confined to this list. You can create any value you want. The
value is used by preempt death triggers to determine if the trigger should
preempt a given death.


%nact( "You chop $N's head off with one fell swing of your sword.",
\ 0, @self, null, @victim, actorOnly )

%nact( "$n chops $N's head off with one fell swing of $s sword.",
\ 0, @self, null, @victim, skipPair )

%nact( "$n chops your head off with one fell swing of $s sword.",
\ 0, @self, null, @victim, victimOnly )

if( !(@corpse = %kill( @self, @victim, "damage" )) )
tell @victim Saved this time, but I'll get you yet!
if( %isItem( @corpse ) )
get all @corpse