Aliases%getItemPointer( ), %getItemPtr( )
Parametersmixed @entity

    Returns an object pointer for the given entity parameter or null on
failure. If @entity is set to an object pointer then it is checked for
validity and returned if valid. Alternatively if @entity is set to an
integer value then the first object in the game having a vnum of that value
is returned. Finally if @entity contains one or more keywords then a
pointer to the first object matching the keywords is returned.

It is strongly advised that if you use the keyword approach that you use a
keyword that is very unlikely to be used by any other object. For instance
setting @entity to "fountain" will more than likely cause your script to
break at some point since the most recently loaded object to have
"fountain" as a keyword will be returned (and many areas have fountains).


@item = %getItemPointer( @keyword )

@item = %getItemPointer( 135192 )

@item = %getItemPointer( "pendant_of_the_moon_god" )