Aliases%exitGetStat( )
Parametersexit @entity, string @statName

    Returns the value for a given statName that belongs to the exit. The
entity must be an exit pointer. The statName may be any one of the
following stat IDs:

uniqueid - unique ID of exit
room - pointer to room in which exit exists
roomid - ID of room in which exit exists
keywords - keywords of exit
description - description of exit when looked at
destination - pointer to destination room
destinationid - ID of destination room
otherSide - Returns exit pointer for other side exit
pickResilience - resilience of lock to being picked
forceResilience - resilience of lock to being forced
issecret - is exit secret (hidden when bumped into)?
isnodirection - special exit that requires entry (Elkin fountain)
hasdoor - does the exit have a door?
isclosed - is the door closed?
haslock - does the door have a lock?
islocked - is the door locked?
ispickproof - is the lock on the door pickproof?

The null value is returned when the stat makes no senses. For example,
testing if a door is locked for an exit that has no door will return null.


if( %exitGetStat( %roomGetExits( @roomNumber )->east, isClosed ) )
unlock door east

The otherSide field is great for retrieving the exit that travels in the
opposite direction from the given exit. The other side exit is important
when you are setting flags on an exit that should also be set for the
other side such as if the door is open or not.


@exit = %roomGetExits( @roomNumber )->east;
@otherSide = %exitGetStat( @exit, otherSide );

%exitSetStat( @exit, islocked, 1 )
%exitSetStat( @otherSide, islocked, 1 )