Aliases%evades( )
Parameterscharacter @evader, character @attacker [, integer @modifier [, integer @showMessage [, string @attackMessage ]]]

    Returns 1 if the @evader manages to evade an attack by @attacker;
otherwise returns 0. The @modifier should be set to a percentage by which
to modify the actualy evade check. For instance if you want the @evader to
be twice as likely to evade then you can set @modifier to 200. The
@showMessage parameter determines whether a message should be sent to the
combatants and any observers in the room if the @evader successfully
evades. The @attackMessage can be used to customize the evade message when
the @evader successfully evades.


if( %evades( @target, @actor, 100, 1, "attempt to slit $s throat" ) )

Output (on successful evade):

Target nimbly evades Actor's attempt to slit his throat!