Aliases%equipmentLocationInfo( ), %eqLocationInfo()

    Returns an array of info about the requested equipment location. The value
of @id may be either the numerical ID or the tagName of the equipment
location. The following fields are returned in the array:

id - the numerical ID of the equipment location
rank - the display order of the location (eq command)
isMulti - set to 1 if the location spans multiple body parts
tagName - the unique textual name of the location
name - the name of the equipment location
nameSingular - the singular name of the equipment location
namePlural - the plural name of the equipment location

The following details the information provided when the function is used
to retrieve information about the legs equipment location:

id - 8
rank - 11
isMulti - 1
tagName - legs
name - legs
nameSingular - leg
namePlural - legs

If you are going to store the location beyond a reboot (by using saved or
player vars) then it is advisable to store the tagName value since this is
the only value guaranteed not to change in the future.


@info = %eqLocationInfo( @locationId )