Aliases%echo( )
Parametersstring @text [, integer @roomId [, string @flag1 [, string @flag2 [, ...]]]]

    This function will output the given text to everyone in the room that is
not sleeping or otherwise incapacitated. The following parameters modify
the behaviour of this function.

@text - This denotes the text to output to everyone in the room.

@roomId - This determines the room in which to output the @text. If
this parameter is not defined then it defaults to the room
in which the script was invoked.

@flag1..X - The rest of the parameters denote boolean flags for setting
extra functionility. The mere inclusion of the flag enables
it, and by default it is disabled. The following flag names
are recognized:

allowSleeping - enables text to be sent to sleeping
players in the room.

skipOwner - prevents text from going to the owner of
the script (@this).

noFormat - prevents the content from being formatted
with word-wrapping.


%echo( @N " lets loose a thunderous fart.\n", null, skipOwner )