Aliases%deathtrap( )
Parameterscharacter @entity, string @description, boolean @preemptable = 1

    Immediately kills the target @entity as though they had just walked into a
deathtrap. This means the standard 4 random items are purged form the
player (2 from inventory and 2 from equipment). Additionally, the player
is removed form the game and sent the entrance menu. They will re-enter
the game as though they had died. No experience penalty occurs.

The @description parameter may be set to a brief description of how or why
the player was deathtrapped and this will appear in the log message for
the death.

The @preemptable parameter defaults to the value 1, and determines if a
preemptDeath triggers should be checked (if this is set to 0 then the
target cannot be saved by preemptDeath triggers.


%nact( "You chop $N's head off with one fell swing of your sword.",
\ 0, @self, null, @victim, actorOnly )

%nact( "$n chops $N's head off with one fell swing of $s sword.",
\ 0, @self, null, @victim, skipPair )

%nact( "$n chops your head off with one fell swing of $s sword.",
\ 0, @self, null, @victim, victimOnly )

if( !%deathtrap( @victim, "super sword swing" ) )
tell @victim Saved this time, but I'll get you yet!