Aliases%damageMessages( )
Parametersmobile @attacker, mobile @victim, integer @damage, string @attackSingular, string @attackPlural

    You can use this function to output internal style damage messages based
on your own custom damage types and damage amount. These damage messages
will use the usual damage amount names (massacre, obliterate, etc). The
damage amount name will depend on the value of @damage. This can usually
be retrieved from the return value of %damage() to get an accurate amount
of damage inflicted. The type of attack should be specified via
@attackSingular, and @attackPlural. For instance you might use 'slash' and
'slashes' respectively. Note that this function is very similar to


@damageFlags->1 = slash
@damageFlags->2 = skipMessages

@amount = %damage( @attacker, @victim, 10 + 1d10, @damageFlags )
%damageMessages( @attacker, @victim, @amount, "slash", "slashes" )