Aliases%areaGetStat( )
Parametersmixed @area, string @statName

    Returns the value for a given statName that belongs to the area defined by
@area. The value of @area may either be the load name of an area or the
ID of the area. The value of @statName must be one of the following:

id - the ID of the area
name - the load name of the area (eg. midway)
niceName - the nice name of the area (eg. The Midway)
continent - The continent to which the area belongs
comments - The area's description
creator - The creator of the area
minRange - Lower bound of vnum range for area
maxRange - Upper bound of vnum range for area
status - State area's status (new, unstable, stable)


%echoTo( "Name: " %areaGetStat( elkin, niceName ), @n )
%echoTo( "Creator: " %areaGetStat( elkin, creator ), @n )
%echoTo( "Continent: " %areaGetStat( elkin, continent ), @n )