Aliases%act( )
Parametersstring @text, integer @hideInvis, character @actor, object @object, character @victim, string @type [, integer @roomId [, integer @canIgnore ] ]

    This function mirrors the MUD's internal act() function and provides the
same functionality and benefits (namely for script purposes, script
triggering via output). The following describes the parmaters:

@text - This is the text to output. It supports the embedded codes
supported by the internal act command (not described

@hideInvis - If this is set to true (non zero) then the output will
not be displayed to characters in the room that cannot
see the @actor.

@actor - The character that is doing the action. This value may
be null.

@object - This defines the an object for the action. This value
may also be null.

@victim - This defines a possible target for the action. Once
again the value may be null.

@type - This determines the way the function should handle the
various parameters previously described and the
destination of the output. Possible values are:

skipActor (send to everyone in room but @actor)
victimOnly (send only to the @victim)
skipPair (send to all in room but @actor and @victim)
actorOnly (send to the @actor only)

@roomId - Set this to change the room in which the action output
should go. When this is not set it defaults to the current
room of the owner mobile, object, or room. If the owner
is not one of these things, then it defaults to the room
in which the script was invoked.

@canIgnore - Determines whether the action can be throttled for players
ignoring the person who issued the action.


%act( "$n gooses you.", 1, @this, null, @target, toVictim );

See Also%nAct(), Act Macros