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(Authored by Laurana)

There are skills and spells in the Worlds of Carnage that are too difficult for an instructor to teach. These skills and spells have been dictated onto scrolls, parchments, books, and "tomes." A "tome" is an artifact that must be found to learn certain advanced skills/spells.

In order to attempt to learn that skill or spell one must acquire the correct tome, then study the writing. ("study tome") When you attempt to study a tome there is a chance the tome will prove too hard to learn and it will erupt in flame, incinerating the tome. You will certainly have to gather multiple tomes to learn that skill/spell. (Unless, of course, you are extremely lucky)

"Help Tome" is an in-game help file on Tomes.

Warrior tomesGround Smash

Thief tomes: Shide, Slit Throat, twin stab, dodge

Cleric tomes: Major heal, revitalize

Mage tomes: Firestorm, spirit transfer, armour golem

Ranger tomes: Snare?

Black knight: Walk in darkness?

Shaman: Armour golem

Paladin: Invulnerability

Necromancer: Deadly poison

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