Ground Smash

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Ground smash is coveted among warriors. This skill allows you to send shockwaves through the ground knocking nearby creatures unconscious. This powerful skill is rumored to even send Dragons into submission.

Ground Smash Tome:

Ground smash is not teachable through an instructor. You must acquire the tome from a fierce mob in Sundhaven, Milady de Winter. Once you enter Milady's room, you must fight to the death, as there are no exits.

You need to bring two items to Phadela in The House of the Witches.

(The two items are a rare load, so expect to look for them multiple times before you find them)

-- The Hibiscus Flower -- Found west of the swinging wooden gate at northwest Sundhaven.

-- The Eye of the Toad -- Found under the rubble in the Town Dump.

The House of the Witches is located under the Southern Path, you must open the "stone."

Once you have acquired the two items, go visit Phadela. She does not detect invisibility so be sure you're visible. Ask her one word questions until she reacts accordingly and asks you for the two items. Phadela will creating a magical portal that you can enter into Milady's Lair. If you only have one set of ingredients you enter the portal at your own peril. Milady will not be killed alone.

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