Slit Throat

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This thief skill allows the player to slit an opponents throat. While the player or creatures throat is slit they cannot talk or cast spells. The affected will also recieve blood loss for a short duration while the skill remains in affect. Slit throat is a very powerful thief skill.

Slit Throat Tome:

One who seeks to learn the art of slitting throats must travel to Skurvash west of the Bloody Ocean north of Crete. You must first gain access to the Keep by killing the guards, remove their armbands, and use their keys. (Casters beware here, this city does not like magic) Once in the gates, you must seek out Castra and speak to her about her estranged sister, Ciani. She will grant you access to the Fortress to find Ciani. Find a few men together in the Fortress and forcibly take their key. Once you have acquired the key you can seak out and destroy Ciani at the top of the Keep. Beware casters, she's quick to shut your mouth. Once your quest is complete you can attempt to study the tome you will find in her box.

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