Race and Class Recommendations

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This is a quick reference guide for recommendations for class selection based on the race you would like to play. It's based on a Three Star rating for each race. You are not restricted to playing 2 or 3 Star classes for that race but you will find your skill qualities lower if you decide to choose a class rated with 1 Star.

(Remember that you get a Major dedication as well as a Minor dedication, or you can choose to totally devote yourself to one class) 

Also note that "Jack of all Trades" (Choosing not to select a dedication at all) is not included in the recommendations. Every race can become a successful Jack, the race you select simply steers your Jack in one direction or another.

Centaur Recommendations                 Elf Recommendations

Goblin Recommendations                   Orc Recommendations

Demon Recommendations                  Dwarf Recommendations

Faerie Recommendations                    Gnome Recommendations

Halfling Recommendations                  Human Recommendations

Reptilian Recommendations                 Troll Recommendations