Goblin Recommendations

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Goblin recommendations:



¤Black Knight

Dedicated Thief: Goblins have the highest naural dexterity in the Worlds of Carnage at  78, a pure thief gets added dexterity bonuses as well. You can have incredible qualities on your sneaky skills with a dedicated Goblin Thief. You are going to find it hard to train alone without the help of someone to take the damage as your Hit Points will not be terribly big. However, if you're looking to find your sticky fingers in peoples purses, this is the combination for you.

Ranger/Black Knight: This Goblin finds themself at home in the woods. Skilled with a bow, you are able to shoot enemies afar while in ranks behind Zombies. You're also fairly skilled in combat and able to slightly hold your own when going toe to toe. With such low Charisma this Ranger will find it hard pressed to befriend some of the larger animals, however you will still be able to train some select ones.