Centaur Recommendations

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Centaur recommendations:  


¤¤Black Knight


Dedicated Warrior: A centaur makes a hard hitting pure warrior. Their extra practice sessions allow them to nearly keep up with Trolls massive hit points. There are three noteable draw backs to a Centaur: They cannot wear leg armour, they cannot wear boots, and their relatively small heads cannot knock some larger creatures unconscious.

Warrior/Shaman: While Shaman is only recommended with one star, a Centaur is able to get by with relying on major warrior skills while adding some nice bonuses with Shaman boosts. This powerful combination allows your hard hitting fighter to cast Boons on himself/herself while commanding armies of Zombies.

Thief/Black Knight: This stealthy horse can stick to the shadows when needed, but has the strength to drive a spear into the back of it's enemies. While enjoying all of the Thief skills, choosing Black Knight as a minor ensures that you're able to Headbutt as well as command armies of Zombies. Note: Choosing Black Knight/Warrior/Paladin as a minor dedication severly weakens the power of your Headbutt.